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First Deaf NBA Player - Inspirational Speaker - Author: The New Alpha Male- 4M TEDx - Text Lance41 to 40691 for free book!

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So is Kaepernick taking a knee still an inappropriate way to protest?

700k likes??? Thanks team! And...
I still have no idea how Twitter works.

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The Greatest Christmas Gift I Have Ever RECEIVED

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Said I’d never be the dad with unpaired kid socks and mismatched Tupperware lids that I have no idea where the hell they came from.

And here we are.

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$600 ($1800 total) dollars back to taxpayers who have been paying thousands every year for their adult lives?
All the while Congress is still paying themselves? 🧐
Am I missing something?

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The Problem with Conspiracy Theories

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There is no intimacy in perfection.

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Only intelligent people know they are stupid.

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“I’m just being honest,” does not absolve you of malice and arrogance.

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Don’t mistake resting for quitting.

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“One day...” or Day One. It’s your choice.

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While naming all the things you are thankful for this week, be sure to be thankful for YOURSELF and who you have become through all the miles you have walked thus far.

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L.A. shooting a pilot in L.A. with some brilliant minds, attempting something Uncharted.

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Thank you to @sce for bringing me in for another amazing workshop/keynote today with your solution-oriented team members who are carrying so much at this time.
Heart-centered before metrics...always.

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If they act like they can live without you- help them do it.

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Maybe the hardest part of manifesting a dream is being brave enough to ask.

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Genius. The brilliance is astounding.
And... no matter who you voted for... it’s funny. Let’s laugh. @KingJames
#Election2020 #USA #nba

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Thank you @wojespn for the beautiful testimonial on my new book, The New Alpha Male coming out March 10, with @soundstrue and @macmillanusa. Preorder your print, kindle or audiobook copy on Amazon! Tag me in shares to enter into the lottery for a free coaching session!

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