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💌 Great Morning Kings and Queens 💌

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Look at my cutie pie!! 💕💕

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Happy Friday loves!!! New pieces from my tutus closet up now! Happy shopping 🤍

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❥ Good American Booties x Skims tights ❥

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Boots out now!!!

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I absolutely love how my GA campaign turned out! I have so many more photos to post and I’m so excited about it! Stay tuned! Hope the “concern and confusion” is now put to rest and we can just enjoy the photos LOL this really made me laugh today. Thanks for the giggle. No lie 💋

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Not to worry! I don’t have freakishly long fingers. It’s the lens! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I can’t believe I’m even tweeting this LOL my old hands normal sized hands are still in tack. Nope I didn’t get a surgery to stretch my fingers and nope it’s not a “photoshop fail”. Have a great day 💋

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I mean..LOL how could anyone believe this is the size of my feet?! 🤪 it’s The angle and the type of lens. And personally I think this camera lens is so fucking cool. It gives the photo a different vibe and not the same old visual I always see. Either way, I’m happy with them

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It’s just the lens guys! LOL but some of these stories are really reaching 🤣🤣

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HA I’m cracking up! 4a few of those GA photos, we shot on a camera lens that creates a stretching effect. The closer the object is to camera they will get elongated. So in some of my photos my feet/fingers look incredibly long. Not to worry! I still have normal size hands/fingers

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Quoted @Khlomoney98

Khloé hasn’t muted anyone because I can guarantee she hasn’t a fucking clue how to even do that 😂😂

The accuracy of this tweet!!!

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I love you guys! Happy Sunday! 🤍

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Join the waitlist

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I MEAN 😩😍 new pieces from my baby’s closet up now!! 🛒

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I absolutely love @Snapple but I just found out that they’re changing their packaging and they’re getting rid of their glass bottles. I’m trying to get rid of single use plastic and move everything to glass/aluminum. So @Snapple is it True, no more glass?

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