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Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

physician (former EM) & Ca research advocate, proud wife & blessed mom, lover of 🐶🍷💃🏽🎶📚🔬⚖️, problem solver, life improver, desert dweller, she/her. 🌵☀️

Arizona, USA

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Quoted @andrewboxford

Arguing for letting businesses ignore local mask requirements, one Arizona legislator questioned why masks are recommended to stop the spread of COVID-19 but were not recommended to stop the spread of AIDS

Pre-reqs for elected office should include a passing grade on a “What Every Functioning Adult Should Know” basic knowledge exam. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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We all know large bills get tinkered with. But tinkering that leaves out millions of Americans from COVID relief, shrinks stimulus checks, & drops the income cap while accelerating phase out is not tinkering.

It’s selling out.

Dems: You won. Act like it.

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Quoted @JesseFFerguson

NEW Morning Consult/Politico Poll

77% support for the American Rescue Plan (only 18% oppose)

59% of Republicans support the American Rescue Plan (only 33% oppose)


REMINDER: 100% of Republicans in Congress voted no.

This plan meets the definition of bipartisanship: ~ 80% of ALL Americans support it. Yet, 100% of GOP Representatives voted against it.

It’s sickening to hear the GOP cry for bipartisanship while they gladly sacrifice their own constituents to appease their party overlords.

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Quoted @PreetBharara

If you post years of vile false divisive tweets you can be POTUS. But if you’re somewhat mean you can’t be OMB director. Ok.

If you’re a petulant, indignant white male who committed sexual assault, you can be a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

So, yes. This tracks.

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Quoted @nytimes

Mississippi joined Texas on Tuesday in lifting state mask mandates, despite federal health officials warning governors not to ease restrictions yet, because national progress in reducing coronavirus cases appears to have stalled in the last week.

More reckless dereliction of duty from @GovAbbott in TX, w/2nd highest daily #COVID19 deaths. Of all restrictions states have in place to mitigate spread, masks are one of the most effective & least onerous.

I pray Texans do the right thing, for themselves & each other. #MaskUp

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Quoted @ejmontini

Gov. Doug Ducey foolishly jumped the vaccine line ahead of regular folks via @azcentral

Good for you in getting the vaccine, @dougducey. May prompt others to get theirs.

Now, be a good leader by:
1) acknowledging the process was simplified for you
2) identifying the flaws of the tedious system that regular folks must navigate to get their vaccines
3) fixing it

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Quoted @Newsweek

Neera Tanden once criticized Joe Manchin's pharma CEO daughter

Given the last 4 yrs, it’s pathetically laughable @Sen_JoeManchin opposes @neeratanden’s nomination because of tweets.

He has a personal axe to grind & he’s OK that it’s at the expense of having a brilliantly qualified South Asian woman heading up the Biden administration #OMB.

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Quoted @Cleavon_MD

11 y.o. Cristian Pavón Pineda from Conroe, Texas enjoyed his first experience with snow, while his home suffered a power loss. Less than 24 hrs later his mom found the sixth grader dead from hypothermia in his bed where temperatures hit single digits.

Devastating preventable tragedy after devastating preventable the richest nation on the planet 🧵

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Quoted @JoyAnnReid

Republicans/Republican groups have opposed and/or run ads attacking these Biden nominees:
- Vanita Gupta (AAPI woman/DOJ)
- Neera Tanden (AAPI woman/OMB)
- Xavier Becerra (Latino/HHS)
- Alejandro Mayorkas (Latino/DHS *confirmed)
- Janet Yellen (Jewish woman/Treasury *confirmed)

Thank you, @JoyAnnReid, for these much-needed truths 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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I’m honored to receive the University of Michigan Emergency Medicine Alumni Award for Excellence in Service from ⁦⁦@umichmedicine⁩! Thank you to my former mentors & colleagues and to the incredible team & staff at the UMHS Department of EM! 💙🩺💛

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Phrases/words like “[he did] look a lot like a dad” & “contrite” offer sympathy to a U.S. Senator who FLED TO CANCUN amidst horrific crises in his state.

And “mea culpa?” Please! Try: “He’s sorry because he got caught.”

Do better, @washingtonpost

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Quoted @ABC

TOUCHDOWN: NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully lands on the surface of Mars.

Presented by @AdobeDocCloud.


“Touchdown confirmed!” 👏🏽🎉

Science + Teamwork = Progress

#MarsPerseverance #NASA

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Quoted @kylegriffin1

AP confirms with a single source: Ted Cruz has traveled to Mexico for a family vacation as his home state struggles with a weather crisis that has left much of Texas without power.

This is much more than a PR disaster.

It’s further evidence of their horrid indifference to the suffering of millions.

Self-serving #GOPCowards @SenTedCruz, @GovAbbott, & @JohnCornyn have all utterly failed Texans. #TexasDeservesBetter

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I know it's cold, I have some tips for you, thanks to having been throu…

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Replying to @BarackObama: Michelle and I are thinking of everyone across the country braving the winter storms this week. Here’s an overview of how…

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Michelle and I are thinking of everyone across the country braving the winter storms this week. Here’s an overview of how you can help—or, if you’re in Texas, where you can go to stay warm or get support. 

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Quoted @LaurieRoberts

The Arizona Senate votes to reconsider voucher expansion. Apparently, the education of "poor kids" takes a back seat to the education of @PaulDBoyer on what happens to renegade senators who don't toe the party line. via @azcentral

While @AZGOP Sens. @MichelleUgenti & @PaulDBoyer play payback games w/votes on consequential bills, voting rights and kids’ educations hang in the balance for Arizonans.

Pathetic & unconscionable.

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Quoted @tedcruz

Insanity. Now the union bosses are demanding we cure asthma and totally eliminate mold, before they allow kids to back to school.


Your callous snark towards a chronic illness that impacts > 6M U.S. kids reveals an ignorance of science & a lack of compassion.

FYI, @SenTedCruz: Updating school ventilation systems can help ⬇️ transmissibility of #COVID19 AND frequency of life-threatening asthma exacerbations.

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I know it's cold, I have some tips for you, thanks to having been through this before, many times. 🧵

Please RT the thread if you know anyone without power currently! 🖤

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Happy Birthday to the beautiful state we call home! 🎂 😍

109 never looked so gorgeous!
🌵 ☀️ 🏜 🌸

#ArizonaStatehoodDay #State48

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