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Embodied by Natalie Portman, discover the new #RougeDior Satin Balm: the first Rouge Dior Couture Balm with a universal sheer finish. All of Dior floral skincare science is infused in this balm. #DiorMakeup #WeWearRouge

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Discover the first #RougeDior Satin Balm, composed with 95% natural-origin ingredients for everyday lip care and 24 hours hydration. Hydrated, nourished, softened and smoothed, lips return to their natural state of beauty, enhanced day after day! #DiorMakeup #WeWearRouge

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Faithful to Christian Dior’s passion for flowers, Dior Prestige has always been committed to cultivating its rose with respect for biodiversity and its terroir. In 2021, Dior Prestige celebrates this vision by going back to its roots in Granville, Normandy, where it all began.

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Uplifting serum with 10,000 micro-pearls, shaped one by one.
92.2% natural-origin ingredients,
20 years of research,
6 patents.
Experience deep skin repair and visibly uplifted youth.

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Created in 1999, the Dior Prestige combines the best of Dior floral science offering the exclusive youth power of the Rose de Granville, with advanced skin regeneration science and luxurious state-of-the-art formulas.

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Dressed in red. A Dior classic motif has made its way to #MaisonChristianDior for this ultra-limited-edition Toile de Jouy collection. Discover more

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For Lucky, the good-luck charm with lily of the valley white flower accords is the perfect scent to represent the limited-edition green Toile de Jouy collection. Discover more

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Dressed in blue, Gris Dior alone, with its fresh modern chypre notes, combines two cult shades from the Dior Colorama. Discover more

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In red, green and blue, a sublime collection of animals stalks across the usually white covers of the Maison Christian Dior fragrances. Discover all three limited editions to add to your #MaisonChristianDior collection. Discover more

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A bucolic hibiscus flower motif blooms across pieces including such icons as the #LadyDLite and #DiorSaddle, capturing the spirit of #DiorCruise 2021 in the capsule specially created to celebrate Lunar New Year by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

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In the olive groves of Puglia, the #DiorCruise 2021 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri portrayed with 'Mille Fleurs' motifs by artist Pietro Ruffo and a corresponding 'Fleurs Biblique' sweatshirt set off with rubber and leather 'Dior-ID' sneakers.

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Amid the Puglian nature that inspired it and #DiorCruise 2021 by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the 'Mille Fleurs' motif by Pietro Ruffo unfurls across an updated embroidered #DiorBookTote with matching techno taffeta dress and reversible bucket hat.

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Love is in the air for #DiorCruise 2021 by Maria Grazia Chiuri as the 'Mille Fleurs' capsule - with motifs by Pietro Ruffo - glows with eternal symbols of passion in the 'Dior in Heart Lights' necklace, bracelet and #DiorTribales earrings.

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Discover the 'Mille Fleurs' from #DiorCruise 2021 by Maria Grazia Chiuri, with its characteristic motifs by artist Pietro Ruffo – on updated essentials from the #LadyDLite to 'Dway' slides – in the Puglian landscape that inspired the collection.

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Contemporary House icons – such as the #LadyDLite bag, 'Dior Granville' espadrilles and highly adaptable scarf – reinvented with the 'Mille Fleurs' motif by Pietro Ruffo part of the eponymous capsule from #DiorCruise 2021 by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

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Conceived by regular artist collaborator Pietro Ruffo, the 'Mille Fleurs' motif, inspired by the landscapes and nature of Puglia as well as Monsieur Dior's own gardens, punctuates the eponymous capsule from #DiorCruise 2021 by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

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Gain greater insight into the ten artists who collaborated on edition five of #DiorLadyArt by listening as they chat about their processes, practices and careers in their individual podcast interviews as part of our dedicated #DiorTalks series.

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Her work evoking an imaginary elsewhere, for #DiorLadyArt Olga Titus saw the iconic #LadyDior as "a little cosmos", her limited-edition contributions shimmering with beads and hologram effects, and captivating with a series of hand-painted masks.

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For the fifth #DiorLadyArt , artist Bharti Kher reprised a favorite symbol – the bindi – reinterpreting it as sinuous snake forms suggesting a life force, employing these in printed pigments on the embossed leather of the limited-edition #LadyDior bags.

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