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#SoulfulSunday - We get to choose how we'll show up—if we'll be a part of the problem or a force for good. At #UshersNewLook, we encourage #UNLScholars to #ExplodetheIssue and thoughtfully unpack a major problem while also thinking through how to solve it. #BeaPartoftheSolution

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We’re putting in work today! Making the #UNL #SparkCenter fresh for the New Year, so we can continue transforming the lives of our youth!

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Thank you #HankAaron for reminding us all to #keepswinging.

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We teach our #UNLScholars that knowing your #SPARK is one thing but using it to create change and a personal brand can help secure college funds. Shoutouts to #UNL #FinLit Director, Jessica Washington (aka #MoolahMami) for sharing great insights. #UshersNewLook #UNLFinLitFridays

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#QuestionoftheDay: What is your career #MountEverest ?
We each should have one—a vision that excites you and pushes you forward. At #UshersNewLook, we take great pride in supporting our #UNLScholars in claiming and reaching their career and life goals. #dreambig #youcandoit

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Today is about making the kind of history of which we can be proud. It's about resilience and hope. It's about historic firsts and opening doors. It's about peace, healing, and coming together to create a better future for all.  #ushersnewlook #bethechange

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On this historic day, we salute Amanda Gorman, the nation's first National Youth Poet Laureate, and all of our amazing youth who courageously share their voices and passionately work to transform the world. #ushersnewlook #youthvoices #youthempowerment


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There's still time to join us for our first #Disruptivator Movie Night of 2021. We're wrapping a powerful #MLKDay by viewing the film adaptation of Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.
#ushersnewlook #betweentheworldandme

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#ATL #UNLScholars enjoyed the #MLKDay #NoPlaceForHateSummit with @ADLSoutheast where they explored ways to promote #unity and #allyship instead of division and hate. Special thanks to guest speaker @ReneeMontgomery for sharing how she turns her #SPARK + #passion into #purpose.

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We're inspired to honor Dr. King's memory with a "day on" of service and learning. #Service is one of UNL's 4 pillars. Cultivating a heart of service at a young age is key to developing leaders who share their #SPARK to support communities and causes. Happy #MLKDay! #begreat

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#SoulfulSunday - MLK penned these insights at 18—a reminder that young people are wise. During a joint session, our #UNLScholars brought their intelligence + character to a powerful discussion on addressing current issues and turning their passions and frustrations into purpose.

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The planning has started for our upcoming virtual entrepreneurship crawl. Needless to say, #UshersNewLook #FinLit Director Jessica Washington is super excited. Putting students on the path toward #financialfreedom always pumps her up!

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We're excited to welcome @GaCyberAcademy as the newest members of our #DisruptivatorClub! We remain committed to expanding our reach and making the programming, resources, and opportunities of #UshersNewLook available to high school youth across the country.

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Special thanks to #Entertainment Enthusiast Deandra Simon for sharing her personal story and advice with our #UNLScholars about how to #beauthentic in their careers, especially when #networking and building #business relationships. #ushersnewlook #youthtransformation

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The #wordoftheday is #authentic. Atlanta Program Coordinator, Avery Floyd, reminded our 11th Grade #ATL #UNLScholars to be true to their personality, spirit, character and #SPARK when exploring career paths and life opportunities. #ushersnewlook #beauthentic @lafloyd_42

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Empowering our parents is equally important to us at #UshersNewLook. Special thanks to our awesome partners at the @CFPB for sharing valuable savings tips and strategies with our parents to help them take their finances a step further in 2021 and beyond. #unlfinlit #parentpower

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At #UNL, we work hard to create #safespaces for our youth, and today during our staff meeting we also took time to create a safe space for our team. We shared about the recent events at the U.S. Capitol and how we can support each other. #Teambuilding that transforms lives!

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We set no limit on our students’ spark but instead we encourage them to have more than one because that allows them to be the global leaders that they are called to be. Visit to hear from other students and how to support this #GaGivesDay #Impact

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