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“You need to understand what their motives are; you’ve got to understand the facts. You’ll only ever do that by listening to them—you’ll never do that by talking at them” On “Money Talks”, a lesson in listening from former hostage negotiator @DickMullender

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The distinction between Republicanism and America First Trumpism is growing ever smaller

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The path that led an ordinary American businesswoman to join a movement to overthrow her government is increasingly well-trodden around the world

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“Until the third quarter of this year, we will probably produce 40 to 50% of what the world needs.” On “The Jab” podcast, @adarpoonawalla says @SerumInstIndia will play a crucial role in vaccinating the planet

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Eugen Sandow was appointed professor of scientific physical culture to the king. His programme of exercises was popular the globe. Meet the 19th-century strongman who pre-dated today's fitness influencers

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What is surge testing, and how can it help control the spread of coronavirus?

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Lava Jato showed that there are effective ways to take on grand corruption. But this progress hasn't been consolidated into greater judicial independence

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In Zanzibar, the government owns most land, but citizens own each and every fruit tree. That makes for complex land deals, @aclandoli tells “The Intelligence”

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Listen to “Editor’s Picks” to hear essential stories from The Economist, read aloud. This week: America and China’s tug of war for South-East Asia, a new phase in the global tech contest and is homeschooling the future of education?

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“Every single president who has come into office since the collapse of the Soviet Union has had this difficulty in trying to figure out ‘what do we do with Russia?’”

Fiona Hill of @BrookingsInst is @AnneMcElvoy’s latest guest on “The Economist Asks”

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“The United States is not Russia's geopolitical enemy,” Fiona Hill tells @AnneMcElvoy. So why does Russia continue to see America as a threat? Listen to “The Economist Asks”

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Joe Biden regrets no longer being able to benefit from the wisdom of George Shultz, who died this month. On “Checks and Balance” our obituaries editor profiles the man who negotiated the first arms-control treaty

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Rishi Sunak, Britain’s finance minister, has a budget plan to see out the end of the pandemic. “The Intelligence” asks @DuncanWeldon what happens after that

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Four crimes are punishable by the International Criminal Court. There is a push to make “ecocide” the fifth

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What can Eugen Sandow, a Victorian-era fitness influencer, reveal about today’s wellness industry? From @1843mag

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It is hard for policymakers to know which emission-reduction tactics offer the best value. On “The Intelligence” our climate-risk correspondent looks at the accounting

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Today on “The Intelligence”: unpicking Britain’s budget, finding the best value for money in the net-zero emissions race and why every fruit tree in Zanzibar has an owner

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“There's a real strong streak of sexism and has to just accept, you're just not really all that interesting to them.” Former White House Russia adviser Fiona Hill recalls her meetings with the Kremlin on “The Economist Asks” podcast

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A new phase in global tech competition is under way. Big tech's big dust-up could bring big changes to the digital economy. Our cover this week

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