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“Tennessee is ground zero for a surge in sickness,” Gov. Bill Lee said in an address on Sunday from quarantine, the day after he announced that his wife has tested positive for the virus.

#Tennessee #Pandemic #COVID19 #coronavirus

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After totaling 215 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries, Henry now has four 200-yard, two-touchdown games for his career, which is the most for any running back in NFL history.

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Quoted @PubMediaFans

This afternoon, 91.1 @91Classical becomes home to @WNXPNashville's Music Experience.

Don't worry, 90.3 @WPLN is still home as Nashville's @NPR News and public radio station.

Not changing: Nashville's 90.3 @WPLN is still @NPR / news and public radio.

Changing: At 3:00 p.m. (Central), WPLN's sister Classical music station @91Classical flips format to @WNXPnashville's Music Experience.

The classical station will stream via HD (see below).

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If you are a fan of the Tennessee #Titans, you may want to glance at the half time score. (I don’t predict outcomes.)

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Quoted @NWSNashville

A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee until 4 PM CDT

Go away.

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Today's #TourdeNash will look very different this year. Multiple starts spread out across Nashville. No groups. No mass start, or finish festival/post ride meal etc. Masks a must to have.

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People who have relatively high levels of narcissism are 20% more likely to bully than those with low levels, a recent analysis showed via @WSJ

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WP: An 80-year-old cycling grandma set a world record. Then she was accused of doping. (I’m appalled. Or impressed.)

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Replying to @chrisbrogan: @BeckyMcCray Would love that! I'll keep it on the plans for airplane season.

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Twitter keeps me on a short leash. I break the rules, they say. I'm the most boring rule breaker of all time, then. @R

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@BeckyMcCray Would love that! I'll keep it on the plans for airplane season.

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(Vox) "Taylor Swift is the millennial Bruce Springsteen."

(Me) "Of course she is .. or isn't."

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Quoted @chrisbrogan

@StevenPDennis So I tweet about my stupid video show allllllll the time. To 335K people. *MOST* of my 16K newsletter list said, "Wait. You have a video show?"

Wait! you have a video show? ; )

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Note: I'm a huge fan of SWA. I am a loyal fan, even. I have flown w them twice in 2020, post-coved, even. My surprise is the lack of transparency on their decision to make this change without communicating it more broadly.

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Southwest has reduced aircraft cleaning between flights. (TPG)

Still cleaned: Favatories and tray tables.

Less cleaned: Seat-belt buckles, armrests, window shades, reading lights and vents will no longer be wiped down between each flight.

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It rained in #Nashville today.

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Tennessean: #Nashville will ban all 'transpotainment' operations, regardless of whether alcohol is on board." (Transportainment is the category name for modes of travel like "Pedal Pubs" and "Hot Tubs on Wheels")

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Quoted @paulconley

@R Welcome back. Where have you been? Also, disappearing from the blogosphere and Twitter is sort of my thing. You should get your own thing.

Twitter sometimes thinks I should learn what the world be like without them. Since you’ve asked about blogging, I’ll start back. Also I write a lot at

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Replying to @lifehacker: Wearing a face mask is a great way to keep the people around you safe, but only if you do it properly.…

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Wearing a face mask is a great way to keep the people around you safe, but only if you do it properly.

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