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Of the 32 MILLION workers who would benefit from raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour:
- 59% are women
- 31% are Black
- 26% are Latino
This is not just about economic justice — raising the minimum wage would significantly narrow the gender and racial pay gap. Let's do it.

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40 years ago today, I won my first election to become Mayor of Burlington by just 10 votes. 10 votes. Do not ever let anyone convince you of the notion that your vote does not matter. Your vote matters and we need you to stay involved in the political process.

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Replying to @janeosanders: On this day, March 3rd, @BernieSanders won his first Mayoral election by 10 votes.

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On this day, March 3rd, @BernieSanders won his first Mayoral election by 10 votes.

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I say to the Walton family of Walmart: the American people are sick and tired of subsidizing your greed. Pay your workers a living wage.

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Why should the taxpayers, many of whom are struggling economically as a result of the pandemic, subsidize the starvation wages being paid at Walmart? The owners of Walmart got $50 BILLION richer during the pandemic. They can afford to pay workers a living wage.

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Quoted @thehill

JUST IN: Sanders vows to force vote on $15 minimum wage this week

At a time when millions of workers are earning starvation wages, when the minimum wage has not been raised by Congress since 2007 and stands at a pathetic $7.25 an hour, it is time to raise the minimum wage to a living wage.

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Sadly, the Republican Party has turned its back on democracy and evolved into an authoritarian party – suppressing the vote, pushing big lies and conspiracy theories. Too many Americans have fought and died to defend our democratic way of life. We cannot and will not fail them.

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Walmart, the largest employer in America, is owned by the richest family in America. Their wealth has gone up $50 billion during the pandemic, and they spend millions on themselves. But the company they own starts workers off at $11 an hour. That is outrageous.

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I strongly disagree with the parliamentarian’s ruling about the minimum wage. But the people are demanding an end to starvation wages in America. We will not give up. We must get this done.

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The relief bill is life and death for millions of working families. I’m LIVE with @PplsAction to talk about how we get it done.

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Replying to @JuanForRep: I am inspired daily by how Congresswoman @AyannaPressley represents her communities w/ moral clarity in Congress & am deepl…

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Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour would benefit 32 million workers and would give low-wage workers an extra $3,300 a year.

I'll say that again. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would benefit 32 MILLION workers. Let's get it done.

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I am inspired daily by how Congresswoman @AyannaPressley represents her communities w/ moral clarity in Congress & am deeply humbled by her support. This endorsement reflects our campaign’s commitment to the working families of Revere & Winthrop. Pitch In:

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The owners of Walmart, the Walton Family, are the richest family in the country. They're worth $200 billion. They currently pay at least HALF their workers less than $15 an hour. That is absurd. The richest family in America can afford to pay their workers a living wage.

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Replying to @PplsAction: We need #COVIDReliefNow!!

Join our member orgs @LUCHA_AZ & @citizenactionny Feb. 25th @ 8PM EST for a discussion w/ Senat…

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We need #COVIDReliefNow!!

Join our member orgs @LUCHA_AZ & @citizenactionny Feb. 25th @ 8PM EST for a discussion w/ Senators @BernieSanders, and @SenSchumer on the current package, and how we can WIN the relief we need.

Musical guest: @SamTrump. RSVP:

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Let me congratulate the workers at Amazon for having the incredible courage to stand up and to fight for a union. The fight you are waging will send a message to workers all across the country that if they stand up, stand together, and fight, they can win.

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Some people — including Senators — say, "Well, Bernie, how can we afford to act on climate change?” The real question is: how can we afford NOT to act while climate change causes destruction and suffering? We have a moral obligation to protect the planet for future generations.

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I’m proud to support @gilcedillo’s campaign for reelection to the City Council. He knows that working people built Los Angeles, and he fights every day to make sure their voices are heard over the concerns of the wealthy and the powerful.

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THREAD: Following multiple defeats in the 2020 election, Georgia Republicans are returning to their voter suppression tactics to hold onto waning power. #HB531, presented by voter suppressor Rep. Barry Fleming, includes several rollbacks on voting rights. ⬇️ 1/ #gapol

Cowardly Republicans, afraid of democracy, want to make it harder for people to participate in the political process. What are they afraid of? Our job is to make it easier to vote, increase voter turnout and strengthen our democracy. Together, we will end voter suppression.

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No one can tell me that you can live in dignity on $7.25 an hour. It cannot be done. It is time we finally do what is right, and raise the federal minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour. No more starvation wages! 

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