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The numerology in some of the math is spot on whether they knew that or not

Numerology...whether you believe it or not it is what it is

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Watching Primer. Probably one of the best time travel movies

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Just finished setting up the novel on Amazon. Will be ready to buy on Friday the 22nd

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Highly suggest you give it a spin and bask in the glory that was the 90s decade

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Last night @Caeesch_33 and I were talking about the album he said it was a stone cold classic, I was more lukewarm and said like 3 good songs, the press will tell you they're a one hit wonder

After listening he was right I was wrong. album's got a nice flow and versatile sound👌

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Whats up with these guys? Biden seems to stand for everything these guys were against 22 years ago...but so did rage against machine...and so it goes

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Or "Just Can't get Enough" the female robotic voice asking

"Social Security number, please.
Credit card number, please.
Money, please.
Money, please.
Money, please.
Soul, please.
Please deposit $85 for the next three minutes, please
(or your call will be fucking disconnected

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Let's look at the lyrics for you get what give. Ignore the celebrity digs those are details to lyrics such as this
"Health insurance rip off lying / FDA big bankers buying / Fake computer crashes dining / Cloning while they're multiplying"

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A strange choice it seems for a band that seemed to hate the mainstream and the fact that they were part of it

Choosing to sing about it every chance they got and right down to the UPC barcode that’s tattooed on Alexander’s hand and shoes in the album’s artwork

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The New Radicals are set to perform at some inauguration thing, 22 years after disbanding. It seems almost too ironic

Their one album was titled "Maybe You've been Brainwashed too" 👀

The song they'll perform is 'You Get what You Give"

A small thread:

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In the mid 80s Bob Dylan did a year or so --maybe less, with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as his backing band.
I thought the shows I heard were pretty good and I enjoyed their appearance at farm aid in 85
So check out this here

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Is this a joke? I honestly don't know what I was attempting but instead of deleting and posting nothing it stays

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Quoted @70s_party

You have been warned (Via brandnewretro)

"Cheese is manfood!" I say standing on a chair and pounding on my chest.

Mom: ok sweetie but you have to eat the whole burger to be a big boy

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Count your blessings

I'm working on everyday at some point to pause and mediate on the blessings of my life.

Ofc I want more! But sometimes the universe has gotta know your thankful for what you have

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Yeah this is right up @SecretSunBlog 's alley

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Praising the one true sibyl, Elizabeth Fraiser, The pearly dew drops must be honored .

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#thursdaymorning and I want to show you my new dish. Espresso Chili rub steak with an arugula grapefruit salad and avocado

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Quoted @StrongBadActual

18 years ago today, I drew a little dragon and screamed a little song. Come celebrate #Trogday with the first new homepage in over 10 years.

Man certainly brings back memories @Caeesch_33

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