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WOW 👏👏👏👏 much respect to @ray8fisher for doing this. @wbpictures @DCComics #RayFisher #thursdaymorning

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A Thousand Eyes
Open inside
To grant me sight to see the End
A Thousand Eyes
The curse of the Wise
Into the madness I Descend

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@Tiamat_ZX @EpicGlitterYay @Wally_Wests #CriticalRoleSpoilers I didn't say they were gone or his puppets or anything! I just said they're a part of it now. Him talking through them doesn't mean willingly.

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9️⃣ Next week 👁 Lucien will be casting Magnificent Mansion, and using Stunning Strike. 🎲

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I do think it’s a case of fabtastic irony that Caleb & Beau claim Essek’s thirst for knowledge would be dangerous when they turn around & bound themselves to The Eyes of Nine...because of their need for knowledge
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@lycancide @EpicGlitterYay @Wally_Wests #CriticalRoleSpoilers That does not automatically make them a lost cause. It's not over until it's over. And they can still do their damnedest to resist the pull now that they're aware.

I'm not going to assume it's too late.

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Я не видела момента с рэйбис, но это М9 и Люсьен

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers this was one of the most anxiety enduring episodes of CR I’ve watched. I love the direction we are going it’s complex and so “big brain” but god I’m so sad for all the possibly less that stellar outcomes ahead... And if the worst should happen... oof

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