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Gwen Stefani Shares Why Blake Shelton's Proposal "Was Right on Time"

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@enews Love those two❤️❤️

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@enews 🤢

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👏🏾So happy we have #RoevWade . It is beyond my why some men who don’t know these women feel they have a say in what we do. 🙏🏾 Celebrate women’s rights #reproductivejustice

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After more than four decades of attacks, #RoevWade's central holding remains, protecting the constitutional right to abortion.

But for millions, that right rings hollow with so many legal, financial and logistical barriers to care. @ifwhenhow

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On 48th anniversary of #RoevWade, @AZGOP state legislators rally for a bill that defines abortion as homicide & prosecutes doctors for murder.

This bill is unconstitutional & glaringly ignorant of science. But that never stops extremists’ attempts to strip women’s repro rights.

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Today marks the 48th anniversary of SCOTUS’ historic #RoevWade decision.

Women’s reproductive care must be protected and made easily accessible. We cannot go back to the time where we weren’t afforded the right of bodily autonomy.

Reproductive freedom is a fundamental right.

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Life. There’s more science

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