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 2 days ago
Acusado de agressão, Nego do Borel presta queixa contra Duda Reis  #G1

Acusado de agressão, Nego do Borel presta queixa contra Duda Reis #G1

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 2 days ago

@Furious24624470 @g1 O cara agrediu e traiu a mulher mano

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 2 days ago
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@g1 A velha tática de transformar a vítima em culpada

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@g1 Ah pronto!! O poste mijando no cachorro

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 2 days ago

@g1 Ué?

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@g1 Racismo é duro. Duríssimo golpe aos irmãos de pele. Força amigo.

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@g1 lixo imundo esse aí

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@g1 Cara escroto maluco

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Looked clean to me. Don’t get in his way now!😏 #njdevils

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#NJDevils defeat the Boston Bruins 2-1 in Overtime.

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@2yuzey4 He should have laid his body on the ice and put his stick on the ground forcing the shot. That was an obvious situation for that, which would have prevented the goal. #njdevils

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#NJDevils is the 15th trending thing in the US right now

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This is the first day I get to celebrate a #NJDevils win since March 7th... damn this is a great feeling

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When the Devils win, the puppy wears the jersey. It's only right! Let's go #NJDevils 🐶

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Finalement la troisième période ne donne toujours pas de vainqueurs. Direction les prolongations donc, les Bruins vu quasi inexistants, et assez triste. Sur une très belle action de New Jersey, Sharangovich donne la victoire. 2-1 #NJDevils

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