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 1 week ago

Chinese technology company Huawei is backtracking on a patent application it filed for a facial recognition system intended to identify Uyghurs from other Chinese ethnicities

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@cnni How can we stand for such crime

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 1 week ago

@cnni Innovation and technology progress has often throughout history been used for less than ethical/ monstrous purposes. Responsibility to remain ethical is with everybody: the innovator, the investor and the society/political establishment. Hope this group stays on ethical course

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@cnni @chris_grey2 I have trade all different types of platform and it feels like I'm flying blind. It's great to have @chris_grey2 That is even higher probability of being positive enterpreneur! So to me he is excellent! I would absolutely recommend you. @chris_grey2

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 1 week ago

@cnni China is a super problematic country

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@cnni Sick. If it’s not bats it’s persecution.

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@cnni Boycott China

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 1 week ago

@cnni That’s simply awful...

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Only in the US are policies that ensure more don't needlessly die or suffer from a pandemic labeled #RadicalLeftistAgenda

That's how far right we've gone, folks. It is not leftist to act in order that people not die of preventable causes.

It's called humanism.

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#RadicalLeftistAgenda Jesus was the Radical Left

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda today is very chill. Just reading with my Antifa cats.
I was thinking of running over to my neighbor’s house and taking his guns. But I don’t really care if he has guns. Don’t care anything about him having guns AT ALL. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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Going with get a manicure today #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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@TheRealHoarse I'll be teaching in my socialist public school classroom and dictating a #RadicalLeftistAgenda spelling test.

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@marcorubio Republicans had their chance to offer policies to help their constituents and failed. We were waiting on that health care plan every two weeks for four years! If you lost republicans to this so called #RadicalLeftistAgenda it’s your own fault.

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