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 2 days ago
Papa Francisco e Bento XVI são vacinados contra a Covid no Vaticano  #G1

Papa Francisco e Bento XVI são vacinados contra a Covid no Vaticano #G1

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 2 days ago

@ga8rielsales @g1 Faz por ti que eu te ajudarei

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 2 days ago

@g1 Tudo de bom pra eles, saúde!

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 2 days ago

@g1 E o Brasil à espera de um milagre.

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@g1 Lendas vivas!!!

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 2 days ago

@g1 "Dois Papa Part. II" vem aí para trazer os comentários dos dois sobre o momento atual do mundo

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@g1 Pra que vacina quando se tem deus?
(Contém ironia)

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@g1 Dias depois:

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@g1 Comunistas!

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@g1 Dois papas!

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@RandyLahey1994 #njdevils Be easy on him; he and Zajac have had 3 unreal chances and they haven’t had any puck luck. If that puck doesn’t roll off his stick and he goes upper left corner or he finishes Thursday’s game on that breakaway everyone would be showering him with praise.

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Yes this tweet is late, took a nap. DEVILS WIN #NJDevils

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Looked clean to me. Don’t get in his way now!😏 #njdevils

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#NJDevils defeat the Boston Bruins 2-1 in Overtime.

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@2yuzey4 He should have laid his body on the ice and put his stick on the ground forcing the shot. That was an obvious situation for that, which would have prevented the goal. #njdevils

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#NJDevils is the 15th trending thing in the US right now

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This is the first day I get to celebrate a #NJDevils win since March 7th... damn this is a great feeling

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