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 4 days ago

The Sicilian town of Troina is putting dozens of abandoned homes on the market for less than the cost of an espresso.

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 4 days ago

@cnni None Italian national can avail this program? I'm interested .

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 4 days ago

@cnni Is the place not volcanic and earthquake zone?

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@cnni Most of the BJP leaders don’t even know wht these farm bills r,& what negative effects these bills can bring in long term

These bills r made by corporates,& it’s main motive is to benefit Ambani & Adani,That’s y Rajya Sabha had passed them undemocratically


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 4 days ago

@cnni With a single $100 note, you too could become the owner of an Italian town.

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#AfterTrump I'm still going to look at republicans like this...

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Expand Supreme Court justices to deliver justice to those who encouraged and endorsed Capitol Riot and terrorism who inspired to assassinate members of congress

Abolition of electoral college #AfterTrump

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It’s time for this universally-beloved American hero to be on the twenty dollar bill. #AfterTrump

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those about to starve
remember who brought them there
naming shines a light
#haikuchallenge (remember, starve) #haiku #senryu #poetry #micropoetry #TheResistance #Resist #VetsResistSquadron #Presidementia #TrumpCrimeFamily #AfterTrump #MLKDay #LindseyGrahamIsATraitor #MondayVibes

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#AfterTrump Biden will bail out after a few months and you will still have the old business as usual in Washington.
😁More Pork Barrel
😁The electorate will feel proud because they changed the world.
😀The kids that got a trophy for doing nothing still clueless

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