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 1 week ago
We have very different definitions of “not far” attn: @JocelynLeavitt (via @memes)

We have very different definitions of “not far” attn: @JocelynLeavitt (via @memes)

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@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes From South Kensington to Notting Hill.

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@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes i want to go on this walk.

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@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes I Uber two blocks. I’m not ashamed

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@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes I am the walker! 👀😬

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 1 week ago

@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes This is my sister every time I visit her in NYC. I’m like “I love you , sis. But I live in Dallas, Texas. We barely walk to the mailbox.”

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 1 week ago

@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes Obviously im the one among frnds/people, u know mindy my frnds are lucky to have me 🤣🤭🤭🤭🤭

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@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes @jbrinton316 “it’s only a 10 minute walk!”

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 1 week ago

@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes I married that guy.

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@mindykaling @JocelynLeavitt @memes omg that friend is me. but that's why I love sneakers.

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 1 week ago
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@BAKUG4N Larry King Shikamaru #patchestwtselfieday
Army Ranger Hazard #tubbotwtselfieday
#UFC257 Candace Piers Morgan Laine
District 3 Jared Butler #CDL2021 Rolex Navalny The Jets KansasCheltenham Bacot TeslaKevin Carthy Byakugan sam nook Mariska Donovan Edwards

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#tubbotwtselfieday the duality of man
Also looking for mutuals please I beg of you all I do is talk about is dream smp and I can't stop--

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—— surely not!! 🐝
—> #tubbotwtselfieday
—> rts are pog :]

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my first ever selfie day!
— rts okay and appreciated!

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