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 1 week ago

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Outdoor organized public gatherings and social gatherings reduced to 5 people ... masks required indoors at businesses, recommended outdoors...

Non-essential retail hours 7am-8pm; restricted hours do not apply to essential services like gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants for takeout or delivery... Ford says Ontario’s healthcare system is on the “brink of collapse”...

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@brianhollywood_ @kateygoalie my small town never had more than a couple of cases from the beginning but an outbreak at our long term care home has about 125 cases and overwhelmed our small hospital.Things change in the blink of an eye

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 1 week ago

@kateygoalie Kingston has 2 people in the hospital because of covid, if that is the brink of collapse we better start funding hospitals a little better and less in the pockets of politicians.

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 1 week ago

@kateygoalie What about st.Lawrence market and all the farmers markets opened across the city ?!

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 1 week ago

@kateygoalie As a reporter, how is it that none of you have a calculator or even basic curiosity to ask a question?

Ont ramped up >20,000 acute care beds

We have 400 patients in ICU < 2%...even at 1000 that is only 5%

We're collapsing? Lockdowns harm more than help.

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 1 week ago

@kateygoalie Is non essential retail still curbside I hope?

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 1 week ago

@Meand2020 No it’s for those businesses like hardware, liquor stores, those offering curb side pick ... hours for them are 7am-8pm ... restaurants takeout or delivery and grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores are not under these restricted hours

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 1 week ago

@kateygoalie I thought non essential was closed anyway? Is this just for curbside?

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers beau mocking lucien to yasha i love that

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers dyou think if vess knows entrances to aeor that lucien knows maybe ludinus knows too-

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers i will say this every chance I get, Lucien is such a little BITCH

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he’s so proud of killing DeRogna every time it comes up lmfksdjs #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers "the late vess derogna" you theatrical bitch i want artagan to slap you lovingly

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