The gorgeous superstar ⭐️ @anitta ringing in the new year in style wearing a champagne 🥂 @adriennelandau faux fur trench coat! Styled by @janellermiller. Designed by @saulovillela ✨ @ Times Square, New York City

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@Adrienne_Landau @Anitta @adriennelandau @janellermiller @SauloVillela Anitta Rainha 👑💖

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@AbiyAhmedAli sta facendo morire di fame 7M di civili in #Tigray. La loro colpa? Aver esercitato il loro diritto di voto! Condanniamo il dittatore etiope! #GenocidioInTigray #BidenTakeAction @europarl_it @JosepBorrellF
@berlusconi @bartolopietro1 @brandobenifei @simonabonafe

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It’s been 73 days since war was waged against the northern region of Tigray. The world has stood idly by, while Tigrayans face attacks and bombardments from both regional, national and international military. Are you going to stand by too? @JoeBiden #BidenTakeAction

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Trumps and Pompeo|s reckless foreign affair policy is supporting #DictatorAbiyAhmed who has blocked humanitarian aid to his people for more than 3 months. #TigrayGenocide. Undo this humanitarian disaster to save lives @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @YohannesAbraham #BidenTakeAction

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Many #Tigray|ans in the US & around the 🌍 have been protesting for 2+ months urging for the #WarOnTigray to end, yet Institutions like #UN & #AU chose to remain quiet. We’re hoping that the new US admin would take swift actions now & end crimes against humanity. #BidenTakeAction

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Tigray needs humanitarian assistance now. It’s been 73 days of weaponized hunger, unspeakable acts of violence and state-sponsored communications black out. The US can’t afford to be let these war crimes go unpunished. @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris #BidenTakeAction

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According to @UN, 2.4 million children are blocked from humanitarian aid by the Abiy and Eritrea army. 75 days Tigray blocked from medicine, water, food, internet, mobile, transportation. War crime has been committed by both dictators.
#BidenTakeAction #TigrayGenocide

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