Hats off to Hanuma Vihari. He was limping in pain due to hamstring injury still he batted at the crease for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Matthew Wade even tried to make him enraged by throwing ball at him, but he didn't lose his focus and patience. Massive respect to his commitment.

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@JosephMAGAMAGA Profile picture Joseph


 1 week ago

@mufaddal_vohra Vihari should’nt play for India again. He made India not win

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@mufaddal_vohra Respect

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@reddy_tanav Profile picture Tanav Reddy


 1 week ago

@mufaddal_vohra He is the true hero of the day mufa bhai

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@vijay18Meena Profile picture Vijay Meena


 1 week ago

@mufaddal_vohra Respect.

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@profeshonul Profile picture Ajinkya


 1 week ago

@mufaddal_vohra Wade should be awarded a demerit point and should not be allowed to play the next game for his behaviour. Can India complain against him to the match refree?

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@Lakhan073 Profile picture Lakhan bansal


 1 week ago

@mufaddal_vohra Hats off to him and india proud 😘😘

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@AdilM35424865 Profile picture Adil M `


 1 week ago

@mufaddal_vohra RESPECT

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@sidaktweets Profile picture Sidak


 1 week ago

@mufaddal_vohra 🙌

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Hello #dndartists ! I haven't DM-ed in so long I feel like I'm going through withdrawals, but all my PCs and NPCs live rent free in my brain at all times.

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Some D&D character illustrations of mine, since #dndartists is doing the rounds. ✨

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Some sketches I made while playing in our last in person campaign. Our heists always cause much "Peril in Port'sHaven"

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i'm just sketching tonight and it feels so good

last week freya, who has had so much growth with her anger since she escaped the people that hurt her, met the man who stole her away from her family as a child #dndartists

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I started playing DND a year or so back, and I've had an amazing amount of fun ever since! #dndartists

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#dndartists and then of course, there is the

B A C K U P C L O W N .

Y’know. Just in case one of my kids die.

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I do a lot of doodlin as a hobby and it’s almost entirely my warlock oc Sarisa from my dnd campaign #dndartists

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One of my greatest joys is my ttrpg character journal. I love making new pages for my characters and I put a lot of love into them throughout the course of each campaign. #dndartists

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