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 1 week ago

NEW! #AnatomyofCapitolAttack TURN SOUND ON!

I submit this video as evidence in the Impeachment of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump engaged in "violent, deadly and seditious acts" which betrayed his trust as President and endangered the security of the United States.

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 1 week ago

@FSwissmartini @donwinslow @YouTube Part of the healing process will be putting the Trumps in Jail and every single person who worked with him. Only then can we start to heal.

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@MelissaHBuckner @donwinslow The security apparatus currently in office is staging an active and ongoing coup.

If they succeed, they'll be checking Twitter accounts and making arrests accordingly.

I've read enough history to know about the original Nazis and their tactics.

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@rln702 @donwinslow The capitol police leadership sent them there to die. They were woefully understaffed and their union should sue. Even me sitting in my living room was shouting at tv “WHERE ARE THE POLICE?”

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 1 week ago

@donwinslow Taking any opportunity to mention that not enough is being said about the Capitol employees who have nothing to do with politics, security, or media whose lives were at risk just by being there that day doing their jobs

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@donwinslow Breach at 2pm. Biden on national tv by 3:05pm. SecDef doesn’t send back up until 5:45? The President-Elect who is not in office was more responsive than our highest entire security apparatus currently in office?

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@donwinslow This might be your best film yet! How anyone can watch this (this means you, GOP leaders) and not understand that democracy is under attack and how dangerous these people are is beyond me. It's willful ignorance. We are at war.

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@donwinslow This is so powerful you have outdone yourself.

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 1 week ago
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@donwinslow Governor Schwarzenegger's Message Following this Week's Attack on the Ca... via @YouTube

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Can't wait to hear what Braunwyn said to Stella!! #RHOC

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Everyone going in on Kelly about her response to Covid it's not just her every housewife that has filmed during the pandemic been complete assholes about it. The audacity of the talent, executives is shameful #RHOC #RHOD #RHOA

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@bobslife5 @Andy @RHOC_KellyDodd Letting her spew her ignorance and racism isn't great either.

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Kelly basically told Braunwyn “and bitch what?” I loved #Kelly during their exchange! #RHOCReunion #RHOC

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"Worst lesbian ever..." #RHOC

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@BravoBrat1 Maybe, if he can stop being such a dick on Twitter.

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Honestly Braunwyn destroyed Elizabeth 😂 #RHOC

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Braun Wynn stop pulling on your fucking hair #rhoc

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