Segurança nacional americana. 👮🏻‍♀️🚔

Segurança nacional americana. 👮🏻‍♀️🚔

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@rafinhabastos Eu achei que era esses caras aqui:

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@rafinhabastos Só pra branco. Se é preto eles matam mesmo.

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@frightbot Profile picture frightbot


 2 weeks ago

@rafinhabastos Polícia em confronto com os invasores do Capitólio

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@rafinhabastos Só pros brancos.

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@joaodobbin Profile picture João Dobbin


 2 weeks ago

@rafinhabastos Quando é branco né

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I cannot sufficiently express with words the unabated joy I feel to see Twitter doing its best work in the name of #unity, amen. #berniesmittens #erectioninsurrection #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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I'm planning to go for a walk while wearing my mask.


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@TheRealHoarse I think I’ll do something nice for someone with that Soros check that I received today. #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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If true I’m so angry I can’t see straight. My husband is severely Diabetic and it almost breaks us every month how much money we have to pay for insulin. How dare you reverse this order @joebiden! You aren’t a president for your people if you reverse this! #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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@TheRealHoarse My #RadicalLeftistAgenda
today includes actually stepping out of my #LockedDown house, #wearingamask, to scrub the 4 year old #NotMyPresident bumper sticker off my car and replacing it with a beautiful #saveAmericaswildmustangs sticker.

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Stopping a viral epidemic and putting Americans back to work isn't a #RadicalLeftistAgenda.

It's what 81.2 million people voted for.

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@TheRealHoarse #RadicalLeftistAgenda for me today is a nap. Hope you will all support my effort.

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I know #RadicalLeftistAgenda is trolling the Right but shit is so played out! Republicans told us for 8 years that @BarackObama was going to impose Sharia law and come take away our guns.

Now you're telling me good ol' boy Uncle @JoeBiden is too radical? #GTFOH

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