Bitcoin menyentuh 37K USD atau 525 juta IDR , bahkan marketcap bitcoin sudah diatas perusahaan public seperti Alibaba , Berkshire Hathaway ( warren buffet ) , apa yang menyebabkan nya? Gabung group WA

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@kata2bijak Storm air purifier, menjadikan udara Di ruangan Kita bersih Karena Di lengkapi dengan HEPA filter, Yang mampu menyaring zat berbahaya d udara sampai 98%.

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#dogecoin and it's community. The people. We're not stopping here. Breaking 0.013 wall now to the moon! #HODL #dogecointo1dollar

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#dogecoin Continuing to climb. We’re about it to break a crucial level here. KEEP PUSHING!

DOGE will break the twitter record!

Sh&t just got real! 💀🔥💀🔥💀🔥 I-

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If #dogecoin hits $1 by Jan 31 I will go through the comments on this tweet and divide $10k between every person who RETWEETS this with #DOGECOINARMY !!!

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It’s Dogecoin . It’s always been dogecoin . Just go to see for yourself #dogecoin #HODL #Dogecoinarmy #dogecointo1dollar

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@WorldsWorstTwit @Bosslogic @elonmusk @elonmusk lets all get Tesla tequila ⚡️ When #dogecoin hits $1 to celebrate 🎉 y’all with us @souljaboy don’t forget @SnoopDogg here doggy where you at

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i can't even go back to sleep. 😁🔥🚀📈🐕 #dogecoin #dogecointo1dollar #doge

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Yooo from Indonesiaaa the time is coming! 2021 please do magic!🚀🚀🚀🐕🐕🐕 #dogecoin

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