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 2 weeks ago

The first time I met @MarkDuplass & @jayduplass was at Cafe 101 and it was supposed to be a coffee to discuss a movie but it we had burgers and breakfast burritos and gabbing about life and stuff. It was such an awesome place. Great great fries

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@Kellees Profile picture Kellee 🇨🇦


 2 weeks ago

@Emijo71 @mindykaling @MarkDuplass @jayduplass Love @EdGambleComedy and @OffMenuOfficial

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@FizzySmileKate Profile picture Katie


 2 weeks ago

@melissaburtonRD Now I’m craving their hash browns. They were the absolute best! 😋 Still hoping they aren’t closed for good. 😕

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@LLastory Profile picture Lauren Astore


 2 weeks ago

@mindykaling @MarkDuplass @jayduplass Love that... Met a mentor there. #Memories

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 2 weeks ago

@mindykaling Bummer :( My sis @_carriejensen_ and I went there to celebrate with mimosas and tasty breakfast right after finding out that I made partner in my law firm. Loved that place.

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@mindykaling @MarkDuplass @jayduplass @MarkDuplass in Paddleton 🥺😢 (i’m not crying)

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@mindykaling @MarkDuplass @jayduplass Did you discuss what great midwifes they would be?

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@mindykaling @MarkDuplass @jayduplass Their breakfast burritos were my favorite thing to eat there.

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 2 weeks ago

@mindykaling @MarkDuplass @jayduplass Hey Mindy! You ever thought of doing the Off Menu podcast? Two British comedians ask you your dream meal. Bet yours would be super fun!

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@mindykaling @MarkDuplass @jayduplass The first time I met @MarkDuplass it was in a movie called "Creep" AND I DIDN'T SLEEP FOR LIKE A WEEK IT WAS A GODDAMN NIGHTMARE THAT WOLF MASK STILL HAUNTS MY DREAMS

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Do you have to go to University?

#careers #jobs #thursdayvibes

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Ja hoor, vanmorgen ‘gevangen’ in het bos..., daarna weer losgelaten voor andere bezoekers... #zonnestraal #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes

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Drinking is the only harm
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Hola cómo se sienten hoy??
Yo feliz y muy sonriente!!😄🤗

Hello how are you feeling today??
Me I'm happy and very smiley!! 😀🤗

#BuenosDias #BuenJueves #goodmorning #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes

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NP▶️E Be Tinz-🎶 @Dremodrizzy x @IamMayorKun
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x @BadamasiHadizah


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Today's USA hoax related death total comes in at 415,894.
As I always say, thank goodness this is just a hoax and not real or else we would be in really serious trouble!

#ThursdayVibes #WearAMask #StrongerTogether #LoveIsLove #EqualityForAll #LoveWins

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