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 2 weeks ago

You know Grogu ate way better with Mando than Luke. Luke’s gonna make him eat vegetables and healthy stuff. Mando was like divorced dad pizza every night

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@ravenwing263 @mindykaling I apologize for the nerd foodie pedantry but...


Macaroons are something very different.

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 2 weeks ago

@Zack_Parks @mindykaling The only answer

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 2 weeks ago

@MargNation @mindykaling Oh my GOD 😂

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 2 weeks ago

@mindykaling Luke is going to feed Grogu Brussels Sprouts nightly. Mando let him eat frogs. 🐸

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 2 weeks ago
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 2 weeks ago

@mindykaling Nothing by gluten-free for that kid, now.

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@mindykaling Pretty much

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 2 weeks ago

@mindykaling Luke gonna make him give back all the space macaroons.

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The economic prosperity pre-COVID
Eliminating red-lining
Growing minority communities
Securing both US citizens and Mexican immigrants at the border including kidnapped children and gangs.
Triggering lefties in denial he helped
Fighting CRT

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Trump himself? Absolutely goddamn nothing. The Trump era though? I think I'm gonna miss being as heavily invested in politics as I've been for the past four years. I used to be very ignorant to what was going on around me, and that changed in 2016.

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#ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump Lower Taxes, Jobs, Making America First, Low Fuel Prices, Making Aliens Do the Right thing to Become American Citizens, Not Giving Communist Countries American Dollars, The Constitution, Freedom of America, All of the American Rights.... 1000's More!

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Absolutely nothing!!! Zero.

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#ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump That fat ass, and the way those tighty whities worked so shamelessly to keep it all in... or was that the pRouD bOYs? Oh well, same thing I guess... gross, white, and up his ass

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