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During this difficult time of COVID-19, enjoy the #SMTOWN_LIVE "Culture Humanity" concert, that will encourage and cheer you up, for free all around the world.

➫ 01.01.21 1PM KST
➫ 31.12.20 8PM PST
➫ 31.12.20 11PM EST


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@SMTOWNGLOBAL We demand to take action against malicious comments/content against Jungwoo. An account has released private info, such as where NCT live and more. Please take immediate action and help protect your idols.


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@SMTOWNGLOBAL I waited for nothinggg🤡🤡🤧🤧🥺😭

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@SMTOWNGLOBAL U tweeted too early

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@woozenii Profile picture sae🌼


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@SMTOWNGLOBAL protect your artists first

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@SMTOWNGLOBAL let me see jungwoo for free

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 2 weeks ago

@SMTOWNGLOBAL give us red velvet

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@SMTOWNGLOBAL um im broke 😃😃😃😃

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@SMTOWNGLOBAL We demand to take legal action against malicious comments/content against Renjun. Multiple accounts on Weibo have been harassing and posting d*ath threats directed at Renjun. Please take immediate action and protect your idol. #SMPROTECTRENJUN

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I like how industrial rebecca’s apartment looks but she couldn’t get furniture? Take out the shopping cart? 🤨 #90dayfiance

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#90DayFiance Rebecca, Zied is EXHAUSTED! Give him time to rest. Jeez!

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Mike's patience is otherwordly #90DayFiance

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Why is it every time Zied says “so amazing,” he says it with absolutely no expression. #90dayfiance

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Rebecca ain't got no furniture in her house. Zaid finna take his ass right back to Tunisia. Cuh left his whole family behind to come to America to a house with no furniture. #90DayFiance

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#RonAndBetty are getting on my nerves! #Julia needs to get the heck out of there.

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Natalie needs to just head back home. #90dayfiance

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Brees Brady vs Rodgers Tom Brady Saints Devin White Jameis KARL #90DayFiance Brandon Natalie Jared Cook Michael Thomas Mike Thomas Browns Cleveland #RHOA Kenya Cynthia TB12 Sean Payton #Batwoman Tyler Johnson Gronk

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