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 3 weeks ago

Quoted @BlogDrive

#CoolieNo1 is an ENTERTAINER.
And @Varun_dvn carries the entire film on his shoulders while #SaraAliKhan almost fills up the giant shows of #KarishmaKapoor.

Its a Rib Tickling Comedy in Vintage #DavidDhawan style.
Highly Recommended
#CoolieNo1Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫(3.5/5)

Have Fun.

💙🎅 #coolieno1

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@bagaria_sanjay @Varun_dvn @govindaahuja21 Zaroor bhai me bhi yehi chahta ki govinda sir aur Varun ek saath nazar aaye aur woh comedy movie honi chahiye

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 3 weeks ago

@Varun_dvn Block buster 😍😍😘😘😘 #CoolieNo1

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@Varun_dvn Jo bhi ho @govindaahuja21 ke saamne nahi tik paayega bhai..

Ek movie dono saath mein kar ke dekho...

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 3 weeks ago

@Varun_dvn love you VD ❤

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@Varun_dvn Awaiting for Badlapur sequels

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@Varun_dvn Fabulous work by a fabulous cast! 🥺🔥😇

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 3 weeks ago

@Varun_dvn Hi thala💕

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@Varun_dvn Superhit mind blowing entertainer dear 🔥❤

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 3 weeks ago

@Varun_dvn love you VD 💗❤️

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 3 weeks ago

@Varun_dvn Super sir ji

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#shop for more #merch and #customtees #graphictees 2021 ⚡️ let’s make a milli this year 💚 #supportsmallbusiness #BlackOwnedBusiness #smallbusiness #blackexcellence #sale #Website #BlackOwned #online #shoplocal #SupportLocal #BidenHarrisInauguration

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@SDinPraxis 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I rather liked this version below as well.

Finally this great country can start to repair the damage and shake off the humiliation of the last 4 terrible years.

#hittheroadjack #BidenHarrisInauguration #20thJanuary

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I got to participate/watch in #BidenHarrisInauguration #COVID19Memorial service.
What dignity, grace, purpose, and empathy! Our prayers and thoughts with all the families who have lost a dear one!!
@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @POTUSJB46 #Inauguration2021 @BidenInaugural @RonaldKlain

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Who’s ready for the nigger hating (his words) white man and his wanna be black help? #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Did you know? No, you didn't because the liberal left and their media lied to you. They divided the Country and spewed their hate 24/7. All because he tried to end their corruption #TrumpsLastDay #trump #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Here’s just a sliver of insights into why @JoeBiden is so beloved and why he is the #ManoftheMoment.

He doesn’t have to put in any effort to be relatable or presidential. He already is.

#BidenHarrisInauguration is going to be amazing!

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Anyone else so worried about violence at inauguration that they just can't be excited? #Inauguration #InaugurationDay #BidenHarrisInauguration

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