Orgulloso de nuestro equipazo en @Sherpa_AI! Zuetaz harro!

Mucho ánimo para tod@s l@s [email protected] y a todas esas personas que están luchando o que están afectadas por la situación de la  #COVID19. Ánimo! Denok batera lortuko dogu 💪

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 9 months ago
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 9 months ago

@uribeetxebarria @XabiAlonso @Sherpa_AI Hombre Xabi. Me imagino que habrás donado una gran cantidad de dinero que estos años te ha pagado la afición. Por tu trabajo, claro

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I don't know.. The start of that RE:Verse trailer looked like a Machinima Intro #REShowcase

Like.. we just wanted a new Mercs or Outbreak 😄

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i wanna be that tall lady #reshowcase

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Resident Evil Live Stream Event #REShowcase #REvillage

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Resident Evil 8 Village - Preço para o Playstation 4/5

#REBHFun #REShowcase

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Okay so we got a name to this tall lady. The name is Lady Dimitrescu. She's alongside her daughters here (those three girls with her). 😍

#ResidentEvilVillage #REShowcase

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RE8 looks absolutely amazing...but RE:Verse on the other hand, yikes lmao Capcom baby what is you doing with multiplayer games 😂 please give us Outbreak remake #REShowcase #ResidentEvilVillage

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