📣 ¡El sábado te necesitamos en el Reale Arena para ganar el derbi!

ℹ La entrada es LIBRE

#Zubieta #AurreraReala

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 1 year ago

@RealSociedad @XabiAlonso Buenas noches @XaviAlonso, mi novio es inglés, gran fan del Liverpool, y te admira muchísimo como futbolista y persona. Sería posible que le enviaras una foto dedicada, por favor? Le encantaría

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Pour tout savoir du #REShowcase, #ResidentEvilVillage et #REverse c'est par ici >>>

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I assumed Resident Evil Village was only going to come to the next-gen consoles.

This surprise saved me $500.😂


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Cannot wait to play #Maiden over the weekend!

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the demo & taking a deep dive into everything we’ve seen on tonight’s #REShowcase on the next episode of @InPSWeTrust.

Resident Evil Village launches May 7th

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For real, if it was the pretty lady I would've pre-ordered that CE TODAY... and I still don't even have a PS5 yet. #REShowcase 😂

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Just sitting and having a quiet lament over the fact that Sony likely paid more than most will earn this year, for Capcom NOT to use the words XBOX or PC in the #REShowcase

If anyone want to pay me handsomely not to mention any brands do HMU.

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Live découverte sur la démo "Maiden" de #ResidentEvilVillage en exclusivité sur #PS5 !🧟‍♂️

@capcom_france @CapcomUSA_ @CapcomEurope
#PlayStation5 #ResidentEvil8 #REShowcase #Gaming #Maiden #MaidenDemo #ResidentEvilVillageDemo #TeoHardo

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هذه تنانين ولا خفافيش 🤔

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