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 1 year ago

Obviously, Klopp.

Don’t tweet while walking.

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 1 year ago
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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso The legend💪😍

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Xabiiiiii Alonsoooooo ❤️

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso You'll never tweet alone.

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Yes, Xabi.

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@zvrvz @XabiAlonso Suerte en tu carrera como DT Xavi...eres un grande del madridismo. En Cuba se te quiere

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Liverpool legends can do what they like!

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Legend.

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Or tweet more while walking to get better. 🤣

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They said that this is Donald Trump's handover note to Joe Biden.

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@GettyImagesNews @POTUS @KamalaHarris @drewangerer Congratulations @JoeBiden for electing 46th president of #UnitedStatesOfAmerica May you live long 💐 #POTUS46 #PresidentJoeBiden #PresidentBiden #president46

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Be exceptional at what you do and represent; one day, you’ll be called to the stage. At that point, nothing else will matter; the bully who happened to be your lecturer, the awful friends, haters, and naysayers. It will be just you and the spotlight. Keep at it, buddy! #POTUS46

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Screw you #Trump. unbelievable.just listened 2 ur C ya speech, and it was good

If ur Dumbass would've spoken like that during your 4 yrs. We would not be having the Empty Suit as a Prez, being controlled by the power hungry insane Left.

Screw #Biden screw #Trump #POTUS46 #cnn

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For the first time in over four years, I feel relief and pride in being American. We have work to do and we will do it. #POTUS46 #VPKamalaHarris

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🇺🇸💪🏻 #POTUS46

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