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 1 year ago

Quoted @RealSociedad

Granada entzun Reala TXAPELDUN!!! 🏆
#AurreraReala #CopaDeLaReina

Zorionak neskak!!

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Dale 👍

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Mañana con quien vas?

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@XabiAlonso Liamanik sekmik!!

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Grande Xabi !!! parece que estás lanzando un hechizo !!🤣😂🙏🏻

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso Aúpa xabi tienes que ayudarnos a volver a vivir algo así con los chicos con tu experiencia. Pocos como tú pueden hacerlo

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 1 year ago

@XabiAlonso يا بعدهم كلهم انت بس

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@XabiAlonso Maravilloso partido da gusto verlas jugar

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@XabiAlonso 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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I got so many spoilers about the new stream 0-0 I got it watch it later today 😀 #TALESFROMTHESMP

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#TALESFROMTHESMP you're telling me that Ranbob grew up believing that Dream actually saved Ranboo's life or something?? I NEED ANSWERS. DREAM WHAT WILL YOU DO TO RANBOO TO MAKE THAT APPEARS ON HISTORY BOOKS WRITTEN BY RANBOO'S LEGACY.

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Wth I can’t believe Spongebob would copy Karl #talesfromthesmp

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I really want there to be like details from different tales of the smp that we see references to in other episodes

Like imagine in one we see karl write a book and then that book is found in a later episode or he finds a book and writes it in a later episode

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likes cleaning their fish tank - Use these 12 tips to help keep your fish tank clean and reduce how often you have to clean it!
jungkook #BOBBY_UMad_OutNow Mahomes #TALESFROMTHESMP Mahomes #fishkeeping #WandaVision #SEVENTEEN

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The deaths in the rooms
Tree Room 1 person dies to TNT and arson
- L’Manberg
Lava Parkour 1 person dies to lava
- Dream trying to escape the prison
- Tommy’s depression arc
Dream’s room 2 people died to Ranbob
- Dreamon being able to possess 2 bodies #TALESFROMTHESMP

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