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Reproductive injustice: Eliminating minorities and the poor through abortion #BlackHistoryMonth #eugenicds #racism #reproductiveJustice #prolife #abortion

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Anti-Abortion and Pro-Insurrection: How White Supremacists, Male Supremacists, and Anti-Abortionists Converged at the Capitol

#reproductivejustice #pregnancy #CapitolRiots

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Don't get too excited about what a friend we have in @SenatorRomney - he opposes #ReproductiveFreedom #ReproductiveJustice

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From a conversation between @LorettaJRoss and @MonishaBajaj this essay covers Ross’ work in #HumanRights, her radical reshaping of #ReproductiveJustice, and her vision for the future of #HumanRightsEducation

Read it here:

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So excited to be following In tradition of people like @DorothyERoberts a few minutes I’m giving the U of Cincinnati WGGS Taft lecture on #ReproductiveJustice then visiting a class to talk about it my book !

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We need you to help us #FundAbortionBuildPower during #Fthon21. Sign up now! Fundraisers & virtual event hosts win swag and get to help raise $60k for #ReproductiveJustice in KY! .KHJN

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@POTUS It is time for change. Time to make the hard choices. We have some recommendations. Check out our letter to the President containing a list of changes that need to be made. On our now! #reproductivejustice #callforaction

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Our legislative advocacy work over the last 2 yrs was hugely successful. We combated the 2019 abortion ban and together with our amazing partners, we waged a multi-faceted campaign mobilizing advocates at an unprecedented scale: #reproductivejustice

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"The question becomes this. What can you do?" For our second article in our Black History Month 2021 series, Savannah discusses the intersectional fight for reproductive justice. Check it out! ✊🏿

#blackhistorymonthwells #reproductivejustice

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Do you know about @BlkMamasMatter? They are PHENOMENAL and serve as a model for #Maternalhealth and #ReproductiveJustice. Checkout their toolkit

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There are no words for @RepBarbaraLee except for these: History-making, groundbreaking, glass-shattering, ass-kicking, abortion-access-protecting BADASS. Ok there are way more words but we got a character limit, people. #blackhistorymonth #reproductivejustice #blackwomenleaders

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@FundMSabortions You are too kind. I’m just happy and honored to work alongside you in the struggle for #ReproductiveJustice.

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ICYMI: Imani is THE legal wizard brain who breaks DOWN every abortion case and law in (hilarious) terms we can all understand. Follow and listen to @AngryBlackLady on #BoomLawyered ASAP #blackhistorymonth #reproductivejustice #blackwomenleaders

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.@superkwa is the Exec Director at @FWHC in Atlanta! Under her leadership, community education and outreach work has made a significant impact. The third generation graduate of @SpelmanCollege continues a family legacy of anti-oppression and #reproductivejustice activism! #BHM

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When does life begin? When does human life begin?

#abortion #ethics #prochoice #prolife #bioethics #reproductivejustice

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This map breaks down the legal status of abortion in countries around the globe. Very interesting! #ReproductiveJustice #MSW52102

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Since 2014, when a New York Times article on Planned Parenthood's shift away from the "pro-choice" label forced a reckoning between Planned Parenthood and groups like SisterSong, #ReproductiveJustice priorities have gained increasing traction.

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True health care for women was not only about choice, but about access, and it required a full range of reproductive health services. So the group developed the concept of #ReproductiveJustice based on three basic human rights.

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What is #ReproductiveJustice? It’s “the right to have a child, the right to not have a child, and the right to raise your children,” according to @LorettaJRoss. “It’s not that hard to explain — it’s just hard as hell to achieve.”

#BlackHistoryMonth 🧵👇

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Founder and President Marcela Howell joins Montefiore Medical Center’s Chelsea Brown and Payal Patel to discuss #ReproductiveJustice and how it can and should be applied by family medicine physicians: #BlackRJ

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#DYK that more than half a billion women of reproductive age live under restrictive abortion laws? Our newly updated World Abortions Laws Map breaks down the legal status of abortion in countries around the globe. Check it out ⬇️

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@MamaGlow’s Black Herstory Month series will center the themes of Blackness, birth, activism, #ReproductiveJustice, Black bodily autonomy in history, and creating a potent vision for Black futures.” Via @BirthEquity

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Being part of the #reproductivejustice movement is not only about abortion. It’s also about making sure that all women can safely and freely live out their sexual selves without fear of stigma or systemic consequences. #RHOA (5/6)

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🚨🚨NEW from me & @bethAsully:

If the #HelmsAmendment were to be repealed, there would be 19M fewer unsafe abortions and 17K fewer maternal deaths each year!

It's time the US #RepealHelms and become a true champion for #reproductivejustice globally.🌍

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Through research, policy, training and elevating the voices of Black mothers, our partners at @BirthEquity are fighting for #ReproductiveJustice to ensure that Black mothers and their babies have the chance to thrive. Learn more about their work.

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I have a 15 min break between the previous event & my next meeting at 12:30. Just finished reading @KateCohen92's @WashingtonPost piece about abortion. #srhr #reproductivejustice #sexualhealth

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Removing barriers to people accessing #contraception is #ReproductiveJustice!

So is funding research into diverse methods of #BirthControl.

We need to be doing both!


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.@SenatorRomney: "You voted against a ban on partial birth abortion. Why?"

Becerra: "I understand that people have different deeply held beliefs on this issue....We may not always agree on where to go, but I think we can find some common ground."

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Imani is THE legal wizard brain who breaks DOWN every abortion case and law in (hilarious) terms we can all understand. Follow and listen to @AngryBlackLady on #BoomLawyered ASAP #blackhistorymonth #reproductivejustice #blackwomenleaders

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#RacialJustice is #ReproductiveJustice. Read our 2018 blog about Bylle Avery's work at the intersection of these two critically important health equity issues. >>

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