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Want to produce more in less time? Listen to what the gentlemen have to say during Episode 019 of the Legacy In Leadership Podcast! Then subscribe here:

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Mechanical tweaks, smarter workout schedule, and #DoLessAchieveMore led to this breakthrough.

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HUGE day today of setting new PRs and immediately breaking them! 4 total sprints for my fastest max velocity day ever!

⚡️Back to back PRs in 20 Y Fly (2.15, 2.08)

⚡️PR followed by second fastest ever 10 Y Fly (1.04, 1.06)

Top speed: 19.67 MPH
#CoachSpeed #FeedTheCats

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GAME WEEK‼️@doggsfootball have not run 40s since July due to time BUT Doggs ran 2day! 12/26 go for PR's! Almost 50% hit a best! Flying 10's, #Shredmill & Lift! S/O to Cha & Gavin leading the Pack
#DoLessAchieveMore @xpe_sports @pntrack @McClureSports

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We are now up to 7, 21mph Doggs, 18, 20mph & 35-19mph!!! #FeedtheCats & @shredmillspeed is working for @DoggsFootball #DoLessAchieveMore @pntrack @McClureSports

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@DoggsFootball Flying 10 #RRP What a day! Added 2 more members to the ⚡️20mph⚡️FAST CAT & ⚡️21mph⚡️FAST FREAK clubs! Welcome JC Green 0.97 & Kevin Phillips 0.97= 21.1mph!!!!
#Shredmill x #FeedTheCats

@McClureSports @CoachEdDudley63

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Don’t forget about the 4-6 travel baseball games at the exposure camp! #DoLessAchieveMore

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"If you have football workouts for five hours a day on Monday through Thursday and 7on7 tournaments on the weekends, forget about speed training. You are doomed to get slower this summer."

Biggest takeaway: If you truly value speed, prioritize it!

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68% of Lineman set personal records in the Flying 10!
Two days after 44% set PR’s in the 40!
#Shredmill x #FeedtheCats works! Kids are happy, coaches are happy!! #DoLessAchieveMore @shredmillspeed @pntrack

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#DoggFast @doggsfootball Big Dogg Flying 10 leaderboard for week 3
1. Gabe D.- 1.08= 18.9mph
2. J. King- 1.09= 18.8mph *PR
3. Emorrie F.- 1.12= 18.3mph
4. Sam H.- 1.13= 18.1mph *PR
5. @merrifield_54 1.15= 17.8mph

15/22 Big Doggs set Personal records

#Shredmill x #FeedtheCats

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This book is everything i needed. #DoLessAchieveMore ❤️

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Succeed Sooner by Attempting Less
To make real progress in your business, start doing less.

For more Distraction-Proof Advisor Ideas visit my blog

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“I think every coach should be uncomfortable with how little they do the first week.” ~Erik Korem


With a #FeedTheCats mindset, coaches are ALWAYS uncomfortable with how little they do.


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The starting point is key - how frequent, how hard, how long? I think every coach should be uncomfortable with how little they do the first week. Evaluate and iterate from there. Don’t burn the cake @RUGBY_STR_COACH

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26 PR’s set in the 40yd sprint yesterday!!! Great day to #FeedTheDoggs @shredmillspeed @xpe_sports @pntrack #DoLessAchieveMore @McClureSports

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This is a picture I stole from my buddy @wrmj2 in the summer of 2018. It will be the first slide of my "Feed the Cats: Summer Football and Two-a-Days" talk at @TFConsortium STL next weekend. Is this really what is best for our multi-sport athletes? #FeedTheCats #DoLessAchieveMore

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Focusing on busying ourselves all the time means we lose that freedom, which is when ideas can really come into fruition.

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Instead of trying to “do it all” to operate & grow your business, Cheri Kriner explains how greater success comes when you take a moment to step back, remember your goals & passions, and let go. #DoLessAchieveMore #WeGotThis

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With all of the “quality over quantity” posts lately by @jmarpdx, I’ve been getting a lot on inquiries on my take on distance running. It’s ongoing (everything is) but here’s a 2.5 hour podcast I did with @coachjayjohnson.


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