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I agree with @zachbraff, #SoundOfMetal is an underrated movie. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Oscars Season: Deadline Contenders: Riz Ahmed said director Darius Marder threw down the gauntlet in #SoundofMetal . Ahmed said they both wanted to jump into the deep, not be sure if they would get it right but get something out of it b/c it was such an intense experience. #film

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#فیلم #SoundOfMetal رو حتما ببینید

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#Da5Bloods #WW84 #SoundOfMetal #OneNightinMiami #soul #minari #mank #greyhound #maraineysblackbottom (RIP #ChadwickBoseman ) + more - & that's just Day 1

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@rizwanahmed was absolutely amazing in #SoundOfMetal. @LaurenRidloff was great too!!! Highly recommend!!!

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Just finished #SoundofMetal and WOW what an excellent but a truly emotionally draining movie. It’s hard to imagine what loosing your hearing would be like but the director does an excellent job putting you in the main chatter Ruben’s shoes. Great performance by @rizwanahmed. 9/10

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O SOM DO METAL: inclui mais um filme promissor pra temporada de prêmios na lista. O final me deixou com uma sensação de paz, e muita vontade de aprender a língua de sinais.
Além de apreciar a ótima interpretação de Riz Ahmed #soundofmetal
Disponível na Amazon prime.

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"No one elevates a set like @LaurenRidloff. Such an honor."

Darius Marder, Director #SoundofMetal 🥺❤

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Today we are back to where it all began with #DeadlineContenders Film, but bigger than ever with 49 films from 16 studios and distributors over, and a hugely impressive lineup of talent numbering 150 speakers over the course of the weekend


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"It’s through Riz Ahmed's commitment to the performance and the immensely beautiful themes presented that Sound of Metal will resonate with almost all viewers."
Read my 4.5 star review for Sound of Metal here!
@rizwanahmed #SoundOfMetal #FilmTwitter #blog

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#SoundOfMetal is the story of a metal musician who loses his hearing and learns how to adapt to this situation. It is personal to me because of a #cochlearimplant, which my stepson also has.

Link below in the comments for full #review on #YouTube.

#flyingwiener #youtuber

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The Sound of Metal is a must-see for everyone and an experience that you've never had before. #SoundOfMetal

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Here's a quick poster for #SoundOfMetal, one of my favorite films in recent memory 🥁

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Les comparto mi reseña de 'Sound of Metal', película disponible en @PrimeVideoLat
que cuenta con una magnífica actuación de Riz Ahmed.👇 #SoundOfMetal

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Sound of Metal is a beautiful, intense, riveting film, about a recovering addict drummer who loses his hearing. An astounding performance by Riz Ahmed offers commentary on deafness as identity not disability. A stunning soundscape offers insight into silence.


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I watched #SoundOfMetal today,
And before I watched it, I didn't read anything about it, and I didn't have a clue what this movie about,
I think it's a very good movie, and @rizwanahmed's performance in it is just mind blowing,
Very well, very well.

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Hunharca tavsiye ediyorum. #SoundOfMetal

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"À l’image de son héros, l’équipe va de l’avant et compte sur le soutien du public français."

#SoundOfMetal prochainement au cinéma en France 🤞

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Metal, hayatın sesi diyorduk. Peki, hayatın sesi metal mi? Yoldan geçen araçların korna sesi, çocuk bağrışmaları, gök gürültüsü;  hatta kafamızın içinden seslenen şeytanlar… 
@evrenunal "seslendi"... "Sound Of Metal!"
#soundofmetal #evrenünal #delikas

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คอลัมน์ #ScreenandSound สัปดาห์นี้ชวนย้อนดู ‘Sound of Metal’ ผลงานแจ้งเกิดของ #ดาริอุสมาร์เดอร์ ที่การทำหนังอย่างละเมียดละไมผ่านทั้งงานดีไซน์เสียงและการกำกับอันแยบยลทำให้เขาเป็นผู้กำกับที่ถูกจับตามองทุกครั้งที่ ‘ปล่อยของ’ ออกมา

#TheMomentum #SoundofMetal

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I wasn't expecting #SoundOfMetal to move me & scare the shit out of me this much.

Thank you @dariusmarder for telling this beautiful story.
@rizwanahmed gave everything to it and I couldn't take my eyes away from his eyes for a second. Performance of a fucking lifetime.♥️

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There are so many great films but every now and then there’s one that keeps you awake afterward because you can’t stop thinking about how good it is. I love this feeling. #SoundOfMetal

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Finally watched #SoundOfMetal & just wow. So good & @rizwanahmed was absolutely incredible in it. Just brilliant.

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Give @rizwanahmed his Oscar pls. It’s more than deserved. Such a hauntingly beautiful film and what an incredible screenplay. #SoundOfMetal

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The best films of 2020 by Shannon McGrew (@shannon_mcgrew):

10. Bacurau
9. Tenet
8. Feels Good Man
7. The King of Staten Island
6. The Invisible Man
5. I'm Your Woman
4. Host
3. Da 5 Bloods
2. Nomadland
1. Sound of Metal

#HCA #Bestfilmsof2020 #SoundofMetal #Bestmoviesof2020

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Una locura. Que manera de reflexionar viendo esta película. #SoundOfMetal

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Man is everyone on earth secretly British?! 🤣

I watched the fantastic #OneNightinMiami last week & #KingsleyBenAdir who amazingly plays Malcolm X is a Brit.

Now I’m watching #SoundOfMetal & just found out @rizwanahmed is one too!

The Brits are crushing it in 2021 lol! 🙌🏽

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Excelente peli 👌🏼 #SoundOfMetal

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#SoundOfMetal is a wonderful film and a great performance from @rizwanahmed

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In about 20 mins Ill be moderating a @DGCTalent conversation about directing and @dariusmarder wonderful film #SoundOfMetal and can’t to get into the nitty gritty on approach and process.

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Don't miss our virtual event featuring screenwriters from #CherryMovie, #MaRaineyFilm, #OneNightinMiami, #SoundOfMetal. RSVP for the lively panel starting TODAY at 5pm PST/8pm EST:

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Sound of Metal (2019)

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Can you guess what's on the shortlist for Best Picture? #SoundOfMetal

Feinberg Forecast: The Lay of the Land a Week Before Oscar Shortlist Voting via @thr

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If you have not seen what @rizwanahmed is doing in #SoundOfMetal, it is a wonder. Just a grounded, humble, pained, beautiful journey.

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15- #SoundOfMetal
Cuando lo que te da vida es la peor decisión que puedes tomar.Vivir con las consecuencias,y con lo que,de repente,es inevitable.El mundo patas arriba.Aprender a vivir con uno mismo y la nueva realidad.El camino de la aceptación. Dura con un Riz Ahmed descomunal

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Have you heard 207: Actor Paul Raci 'Sound of Metal'’ by @podpopculture on #SoundCloud? #np

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Today at 5pm PST/8pm EST:

Don't miss our virtual panel featuring writers from #Oscar contenders #CherryMovie, @MaRaineyFilm, @ONIMfilm and #SoundOfMetal.

RSVP for free here:

Watch more panel discussion today at

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Entretien avec Riz Ahmed et l’équipe de “Sound of Metal”

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Thank you @THR for this cover shoot & interview about #SoundOfMetal, #MogulMowgli... and the new production company ‘Left Handed’ coming soon 👊🏽🙏🏽

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