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"Accountability measures" @AAPolicyForum @sandylocks #UndertheBlacklight ABEN @ABEN_4_ace is dedicated to holding those in power AND the new administration accountable. #BlackExcellence #BlackWomen #SayHerName #BlackHistory

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There’s still a lot to say about the coup/insurrection & its aftermath. For my 1st piece for @BitchMedia, I reflect on the audacity of white supremacists to misappropriate #SayHerName. H/t ⁦@sandylocks⁩ ⁦@dreanyc123⁩ ⁦@freeblackgirl⁩

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White Supremacists Are Co-opting #SayHerName for Ashli Babbitt

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Please join the @AACCofISU for their first Speaker Series in celebration of Dr. MLK Jr.

Five of our very own outstanding Black women who are trailblazing across Indiana State University's campus. They will be centering their Talks around " #SayHerName Through Dr. King's Eyes".

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@SpeakerPelosi when are you going to charge the douchebag in the suit with the murder of Ashli Babbitt?

You’re a traitor. And your words are dangerous. Far more dangerous than Trump’s.


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@xPrincessRye STFU U A HATER THAT DOESN'T EVEN WANNA PROTECT A BLACK WOMAN THATS BEEN TRAUMATISED FOR LIFE! What if u got shot in ur foot?? Just like meg saying...its #sayhername for front but really u a pick me. You should be fighting for the queen meg!

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@yaeyo__ WHY R U QUESTIONING MEG IN THE FIRST PLACE? STFU U A HATER THAT DOESN'T EVEN WANNA PROTECT A BLACK WOMAN THATS BEEN TRAUMATISED FOR LIFE! What if u got shot in ur foot?? Just like meg saying...its #sayhername for front but really u a pick me. You should be fighting for queen meg!

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#SayHerName + #ProtectBlackWomen and any other social media moments made to amplify the lived experiences of black women are vital. The oppression of black women is consistently suppressed and, that’s a conversation worth having.

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BREAKING (UNBELIEVABLE): @SpeakerPelosi is claiming that Trump may be charged with murder.

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#SayHerName #SayTheirName
May you rest peacefully, Tanisha Anderson.
art by: @ /schadesignclt

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Rest in Paradise, Kenneka Jenkins 🙏🏾
SexTrafficing and Organ Harvesting are 2 major Organize Crime Problems!! that effects “Black” people likee no other. #RememberHer #SayHerName

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Big contrast with BLM demonstrations, which persisted despite far more police violence than the Trumpists ever faced. That tells you a lot 3/

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@iElijahManley #CancelStudentDebt #UniversalHealthCare #BLM #NoJusticeNoPeace #guncontrol #sayhername #BreonnaTaylor #AbolishTheDeathPenalty #ERANow #freecollege

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Are you watching @AAPolicyForum zoom coffee hour "From the Base to the Face of the Democratic Party & Still We Fight"? @sandylocks is always telling the truth! #BlackExcellence #SayHerName #BlackHistory #blackwomenmatter

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@sandylocks just compared appropriation of #SayHerName for the female rioter who was killed to gentrification. "People can come in and occupy our space." Whew! #undertheblacklight

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"We pick and choose when we want to listen to black girls." - @KWestSavali Speaking on people using the #SayHerName campaign to highlight the death at the Capitol.

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"Where we were, should have NEVER been acceptable." @sandylocks @AAPolicyForum #SayHerName

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Going live with @KWestSavali, @SAKimFoxx, @barbs73, & @doccrearperry to discuss the status of Black women and the future of an intersectional political agenda.

Watch "From the Base to the Face of the Democratic Party: And Still We Fight" now:

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@Lupus_Cain it is a meme to make fun of white women who uses BS to deny other people their human rights.

#SayHerName is a hashtag to remember women of color who are killed by police, so it is offensive in this context

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@diygreg It’s actually “Abigail.” #SayHerName

Thanks for your work, and G-d bless.

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@HenryWolford1 @TMZ This entire comment thread is filled with sociopaths. Prob 90% of them "cried" over criminal George Floyd.
But the murder of a three year old toddler at the hands of these disgusting creatures is like *meh* ---no social capital in caring about #VictoriaRoseSmith #SayHerName

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You ain’t even practice. Do ever mess up my Vice Presidents name #SayHerName

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It don't stop, y'all. Please believe it. I still have my fist up for #SayHerName and #BLM and #NoJusticeNoPeace #KnowJusticeKnowPeace.

It's a movement, not a moment.

There are things I can say in court, as a white man, that others cannot. Watch me say them. REPEATEDLY.

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Image shared by Black Lives Matter. Recommended reading: "We Must Remember to #SayHerName in Our Movements Against Police Violence" via Truthout; includes interviews with activists.

#BlackLivesMatter #antiracism

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Respect for women is one of the greatest gifts a father can show a son.

Much Respect to the new @VP 🙌🏾

#KamalaHarris #SayHerName
#MadameVP 🤎✊🏾 #BlackBoyJoy
#ThursdayThoughts #Inauguration2021

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#JusticeForTamlaHorsford #BlackLivesMatter #FBI #SayHerName

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Still with you Breonna Taylor #SayHerName

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🚨328 DAYS SINCE #TaylorBlackwellWasFoundDead 🚨314 DAYS SINCE #BreonnaTaylorWasMurdered BLANK/0 REPORTS JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED #ReleaseAlltheEvidence JUSTICE 4 #TaylorBlackwell #BreonnaTaylor #ProtectBlackWomen 👑 #SayHerName 👑 #BlackLivesMatter

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@kyoag Perhaps the Justice department in the new Biden administration can seek the #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor that @kyoag fought so hard to suppress. Charge Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove for the killing of Breonna Taylor. #SayHerName

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🚨194+DAYS SINCE #GloriaBamboWasFoundDead #GloriaBambo 👑 FAMILY DESERVES JUSTICE DELAYED JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED #ReleaseAlltheEvidence #JusticeforGloriaBambo 👑 #SayHerName 👑 #AmINext 🇿🇦 #ProtectBlackWomen 👑 #BlackLivesMatter

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Many of you are just realizing what we always knew...

Black girls are insightful.

Black girls are smart.

Black girls are creative.

Black girls are thoughtful.

Black girls are industrious.

Black girls are beautiful.

Black girls are determined.

Black girls are our future.

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Who murdered Ashli Babbit? It's been over two weeks with no answer. An unarmed woman was shot and killed? When will there be an arrest?

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This bothered me all day, I had to say something. Dealt with this my entire life. I feel for Vice President @KamalaHarris on this one.

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