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Nicole Beharie should be part of awards season conversation. #MissJuneteenth

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Facts. 👇🏾

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This!! Idk how long I've been championing this film. But please watch it!! Thank you! #FilmTwitter #MissJuneteenth

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The lot of you are absolutely sleeping on MISS JUNETEENTH. Nicole Beharie gives an arresting performance as a mother facing life’s adversities doing what’s best for her daughter and herself. Enrich your lives and watch it immediately. Then give it ALL the awards. 🏆 💐

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guess #missjuneteenth is next on my list

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This is a really good movie #MissJuneteenth

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New Movies on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital Download - January 19, 2021: #TheKidDetective; #TheClimb; #AlwaysandForever; #DeadReckoning; #Dreamland; #HeartsandBones; #MaxCloud; #MissJuneteenth; #Spiral; #TheCleansingHour; #VillageInTheWoods; #Wander....

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Currently watching #MissJuneteenth. Ain't nothing but Black Southern life up in here.

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I finally had the opportunity to watch @Juneteenthmovie last night. The film is incredible, & Nicole Beharie’s performance is amazing. #MissJuneteenth 👑

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I know I am late but @NikkiBeharie did a phenomenal job on MISS JUNETEENTH and I am glad to see she got the Gotham awards for best actress. #MissJuneteenth

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#MissJuneteenth is such a great movie!!

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In a perfect world, these would be our Best Actress nominees, Oscar and NAACP - @AndraDayMusic for #TheUnitedStatesVSBillieHoliday, Nicole Beharie for #MissJuneteenth @violadavis for #maraineysblackbottom @Zendaya for #malcolmandmarie and @TessaThompson_x for #sylvieslove

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Watching #MissJuneteenth on @BETherTV @NikkiBeharie @AlexisChikaeze @mizlyzz @kendrick38 @cgpeoples @TheVoiceOfBrick Such a good film.

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Netflix- #MaRaineyFilm #MuchoMuchoAmor #ImThinkingOfEndingThings #TheFortyYearOldVersion
Amazon Prime- #OneNightInMiami #SylviesLove
Apple TV- #Wolfwalkers
Rental- #MissJuneteenth #PromisingYoungWoman #SongWithoutAName
Hulu (2/19)- #Nomadland

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1. #MissJuneteenth
2. #TheFortyYearOldVersion
3. #MuchoMuchoAmor
4. #Nomadland
5. #ImThinkingOfEndingThings
6. #SongWithoutAName
7. #PromisingYoungWoman
8. #Wolfwalkers
9. #MaRaineyFilm
10. #OneNightInMiami
11. #ICarryYouWithMe
12. #SylviesLove

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I just finished watching #MissJuneteenth directed by @cgpeoples . Tweets are sadly too short for me to list all the reasons why I loved it but it is such a beautiful film and @NikkiBeharie was incredible in this!Cast her as lead in ERRTHANG please! 😇❤️

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All love to @NikkiBeharie. What’s not mentioned is how I saw her and #chadwickboseman in 42 as well and was so excited to see her again when this premiered. So happy she’s back in #MissJuneteenth

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Preview of the first episode of Interspectional on #SleepyHollow.
Listen to the rest of the episode here:

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Thank you for the shoutout to Asian Americans and trans people @NikkiBeharie 🌈❤️ #diversity #inclusion #representation #intersectionality #missjuneteenth RT Juneteenth’s Nicole Beharie On Drama’s Timeliness & 2020 Lessons – @Deadline

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Don’t forget about Miss Juneteenth this award season #MissJuneteenth

Why Nicole Beharie's 'Miss Juneteenth' Performance Shouldn't Be Ignored This Awards Season

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Nicole Beharie e Alexis Chikaeze estão ótimas como mãe e filha nesse filme sobre a busca pelo "sonho americano", através de um concurso de Miss para garotas jovens negras com grande significado para o passado/presente/futuro delas #MissJuneteenth

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Good Morning Sunshines Happy #WomanCrushWednesday @NikkiBeharie with her beautiful #BeharieSmiles congratulations on winning Best Actress at the Gotham Awards for #MissJuneteenth

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I've come back to this because it's reminded me of how incredible I thought #MissJuneteenth was 🙌🏿 and when I interviewed Channing Godfrey Peoples for my podcast @theculturereel 💕
(listen here )

She was brilliant & deserves all the success in the world!

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This is such an amazing opportunity!

Writer-director Channing Godfrey Peoples signs a first-look deal with UCP to write, produce and direct projects for the studio.

As part of the deal, she is developing a TV adaptation of her film Miss Juneteenth

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Melhor Atriz: Nicole Beharie ( #MissJuneteenth) #GothamAwards

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I’m so upset that I’m just now watching #missjuneteenth! This film is a masterpiece. I love it.

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@notbbyplantain @narutosdurag like everyone else in the comment i stopped watching after she left. anyway stream #missjuneteenth

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We're giving a standing ovation to @NikkiBeharie - Best Actress award!!! Well done. We want to see more of you on the big screen - the 1 in our living room for now! Congrats! #femalefilmmaker #MissJuneteenth @cgpeoples @chynawrites #directedbywomen #filmtwitter @WomenFilmofColr

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Absolutely incredible! Congratulations @NikkiBeharie on your BEST ACTRESS award for #MissJuneteenth 👸🏾💫🏆

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It was an honor & a privilege to speak with @NikkiBeharie about @Juneteenthmovie - What an incredible performance and a great Best Actress win! Pay attention #sagawards - #MissJuneteenth is available to watch now!

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Recent #GothamAwards winner for Best Actress Nicole Beharie talks to @ETKevinsMind about her performance in #MissJuneteenth

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Well this is conveniently timed! I recently spoke with Gotham Award winner Nicole Beharie about her performance in the supremely underrated #MissJuneteenth. Watch the full interview via @GoldDerby here:

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#MissJuneteenth and #HostMovie among the 5 highest-rated movies of 2020, according to @RottenTomatoes' Tomatometer!

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Congratulations to @NikkiBeharie who won a #GothamAward for her role in #MissJuneteenth 👏 @KeshiaChante caught up with her last year to talk about her now award-winning role -- watch:

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She’s soo good! Ty @cgpeoples for bringing us this #gem! Congrats @NikkiBeharie 🎉🎉🎉

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Good Morning Sunshines Happy #BeharieSmiles congratulations @NikkiBeharie for winning best actress in the #GothamAwards for #MissJuneteenth

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These are the 5 highest-rated movies of 2020, according to the Tomatometer.

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Premios Gotham Awards:

- Película: #Nomadland

- Dirección revelación: Andrew Patterson, #TheVastOfNight

- Actor: Riz Ahmed, #SoundOfMetal

- Actriz: Nicole Beharie, #MissJuneteenth

- Película extranjera: #SinSeñasParticulares (México)

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La saison des récompenses est lancée ! Grâce aux #GothamAwards, les premières tendances se dessinent en vue des Oscars :

- Meilleur Film (et Prix du Public) : #Nomadland
- Meilleur Acteur : @rizwanahmed ( #SoundOfMetal)
- Meilleure Actrice : Nicole Beharie ( #MissJuneteenth)

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Best Actress Winner: NICOLE BEHARIE in MISS JUNETEENTH #GothamAwards

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