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Just finished my 4th 1k piece puzzle of COVID times #criticalrole

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Tooday I am Thinking about Veth Brenatto's history with addiction and how that cursed dagger plays into that

#CriticalRole @samriegel

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Okay twitter, I’ve caught up to the most recent episodes of #CriticalRole. Should I watch the first campaign?!?

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Nott: button wonka’s factory? with the boompa-loompas?!!!


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Keyleth: the ears have walls


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Astrid and Wulf ✨
- I’m honestly really excited to learn more about them 😭 is it Thursday yet??!
@VoiceOfOBrien @matthewmercer @CriticalRole
#criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #criticalroleart #art #npcs

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eu claramente não tenho auto controle e assisti S02 | E77 de Critical Role! #criticalrole #tvtime

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Ha mejorado tanto la calidad de imagen de un capítulo a otro que por fin puedo leer lo que pone en la petaca gigante de Sam. #criticalrole #themightynein

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Ikithons Man, 1490 by Leonardo da Vinci

Finally got a name for this project, ClassicialRole, #CriticalRole x classical arts. This week is a smaller one with #CalebWidogast

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I've just watched Critical Role S02 | E127 #criticalrole #tvtime

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Catching up still on CR, and everytime Laura remembers that Sprinkle is still in her hood when something goes down has me in tears.

Latest moment, Diving into the freezing ocean after re animated Avantica attacks. #CriticalRoleSpoilers #CriticalRole

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We did it ! We reached the cast !! 😍😍

Link to the full video :
#criticalrole #criticalrolefanfilm #criticalroleliveaction #criticalroleart #criticalrolecosplay

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I know I'm as active as a buried corpse
But look, some ideas I have for a Yasha piece
Really can't decide between the two tho
#yashanydoorin #CriticalRole

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My Molly and Jester pins have arrived with a Caleb thank you card X3
Thank you so much @LornArt_

Follow back to check out their amazing art :D #CriticalRole

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Another episode, another sketch ✍️ 👀 perhaps to work on later in the evening when I can watch some more #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart #CalebWidogast #sketch

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Ashley: « all I can really provide in this moment is protection... but what she doesn’t know is she can provide more than that »

Marisha, staring straight into the camera, slowly taking a sip of her drink: « yes she can 😏 »

OKAY WELL UH... NICE! 😳 #criticalrole #talksmachina

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"Even though we are roleplaying these moments, it doesn't mean that the moments are very less real or valid" - Marisha melted because of Ashley's eyes when Yasha replied "Hey".. 🥰 #beauyasha #TalksMachina #CriticalRole

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You never forget your first DM
#dnd #gamenight #dndcharacter #tabletopgames #criticalrole #follow #druid

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Marisha: « ... The Astral Sea Abyss Cult... »

Brian: « there’s a nice ring to it actually... »

Ashley: « NO IT DOESN’T! 😠 »

Ashley, super protective of Beau 🥺 Cutiiiie 💛 #criticalrole #TalksMachina

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As I was saying, you don't need to be hired to go on an adventure when playing #TTRPG. Profit from the freedom.

It can be #DnD or whatever. #CriticalRole was acclaimed because of having character driven stories.

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Here's a little WIP of what I'm currently working on. (From #CriticalRole)

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I don't usually bother much in character creation (because no mods and I'm bad at it), but I think Inquisitor #Beauregard turned out okay. #DragonAge #CriticalRole

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Broke my few week art slump with a late night #caduceusclay. Boy deserves a good nap and I'm here to give him everything he needs
#CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart #fanart

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Spurt would have been 773 days old today. #Critters #CriticalRole

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TBH im not even mad
#dnd #rpg #dndmemes #fantasy #criticalrole #meme #rogue

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Describing the latest battle on #CriticalRole:

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Jester!💙 from #CriticalRole, these prints are available on my Etsy shop! #criticalrolefanart #etsyshop #jesterlavorre

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I'm watching Critical Role all the way through the first time and I'm on EP.20. AND @MaryEMcGlynn IS SUCH A FAN AND IT IS SO ADORABLE @CriticalRole #CriticalRole #DnD #voiceacting #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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If Yasha loses Beau to some sort of control from the eyes... That rage. That power unleashed. Gods help anyone who gets in her way. #CriticalRole

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My friend surprised me with the Scanlan dice set yesterday, they’re so PRETTY!

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by that in game and out, also shout-out to Brian who set then listened to these two women talk about those issues we need more men like that. Just an absolutely amazing episode for not only WLW but women in general #CriticalRole #TalksMachina

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I sometimes kinda want to change my pfp but I love Beauregard Lionett so much that I know for sure I’ll miss it.

And also I know I will see my tweets and wonder who the hell is that in my TL because I have a visual memory or whatever 😂 #criticalrole

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SHIT'S FUCKED!!! FUCK!!!!!!! FUCK!! FUUUUUUUCK!!!! #criticalrole

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Ashley shares the same thoughts as Marisha. Clicking into the moment, refreshing and fun because it's a jolt out of your comfort zone. #TalksMachina

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Hey @BrianWFoster @ItsDaniCarr @CriticalRole @matthewmercer
We made a short Critical Role Fan Film :) I hope you’ll enjoy it !!

Link to the full video :
#criticalrole #criticalrolefanfilm #criticalroleliveaction #criticalroleart #criticalrolecosplay

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