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@AOART5 @JBside13 @AlthausEJC @Chiefin13 @Coreyo4 @CKingdom101 @pate_joe @sweetdyoung @PaulHBK 🔥🔥🔥 #ChiefsKingdom Lookin awesome!!!

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WIP-Tyrann Mathieu by AO
Got a bit of an arm workout recently on this piece. Progress in the works. #ChiefsKingdom @JBside13 @AlthausEJC @Chiefin13 @Coreyo4 @CKingdom101 @pate_joe @sweetdyoung @PaulHBK @DavidGa63913505

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We all make mistakes . Let @gavin_hunt & @ItumelengKhune
This is their careers they want it as much as you want chiefs to win 🙄 .
Keep it up

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5th round pick for the #ChiefsKingdom in 2016

2016: pro bowler ✅
2017: pro bowler ✅
2018: pro bowler ✅
2019: pro bowler ✅
2020: pro bowler ✅

Happy birthday to our star wide receiver, Tyreek Hill 🐆

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@cheetah happy birthday to the fastest cat in 🏈 who plays for my MFN team ! #ChiefsKingdom hate you didn't get to show out in the super bowl but we will be back! Hope you enjoy your day !

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Noted by
a 17-game season likely will give us the first-ever Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers VS Kansas Chiefs Patrick Mahomes matchup. #NFL #ChiefsKingdom #GoPackGo

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SHUTOUT! Chiefs beat the Football Team 49-0. The POG goes out to Jake Luton! He had 342 passing yards, 5 passing TDs, and 10 rushing yards #ChiefsKingdom #Pist2024 #InLutonWeTrust #TruzzPist

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I hope y’all boyz ready for the Super Bowl run we got some UNFINISHED BUSINESS to handle @PatrickMahomes @tkelce @cheetah @MecoleHardman4 @sammywatkins @Demarcus @Clydro_22 @Mathieu_Era @StoneColdJones @Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

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Travis Kelce And Jonas Valancuinas are twins, and you can’t tell me different, 😂😂 #WeTheNorth #ChiefsKingdom

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@pepperlickin @Lobs_All_Day @SouthBaySam77 Wtf he took us to a #SuperBowl and the refs cheated the #49ers and the Tampa whooped the #ChiefsKingdom phony ass

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@Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom Mahomes doesn't remind me of Curry in his play. Mahomes is a great football player, with very good baseball & basketball skills!! He makes plays with his athletic skills, not to be fancy, but trying to make game winning plays, some impossible for others!

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Hey #ChiefsKingdom
I worked on this for awhile and wanted to push it out one more time. If you've already read it, will you re-tweet this and help get it out there? I'm also available to answer questions, ask me anything!
(via @ArrowheadTom)

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🦾 My Night City🦿

#nightcity #Cyberpunk2077 #kc #kansascity #kansascitychiefs #chiefskingdom #ChiefsKingdom #downtown #pic #photo #moon

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@LukeKuechly come out of retirement bro, you gotta check this bbq out in the city #chiefskingdom

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Chiefs Daily Mock Draft @tuckerdfranklin @footenoted @NFLDraftZone #NFLDraft #ChiefsKingdom #NFLDraft2021 #RTKChallenge
Teven/Brevin combo is my favorite 1/2 Nico and Dazz where I got them would be great too. Werner is in the LB rotation immediately also. Maybe 4/5 starters here.

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💪💪💪 #ChiefsKingdom 💪💪💪💪

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Congrats 🎉 @ChiefsGirl86 You were the 2nd name drawn in the #DuckRaces🦆 giveaway and win the @TSEKansasCity ✌️@cheetah ✍️signed 8x10 w/ COA! ✅your DMs for next step! New prize 🗣🗣Tuesday for the 3/7 giveaway #ChiefsKingdom

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Most receiving TDs since 2018: #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

Davante Adams - 36
Tyreek Hill - 34
Mike Evans - 29
Adam Thielen - 29
Tyler Lockett - 28

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Most QB Hits since 2018. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

TJ Watt - 98
Aaron Donald - 93
Za’Darius Smith - 85
Chris Jones - 77
Matt Judon - 74
Joey Bosa - 67
Leonard Williams - 66
Myles Garrett - 65
JJ Watt - 63
Cameron Jordan - 62

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Players with longest active streaks of 1,000+ receiving yards in a season

Mike Evans - 7
Travis Kelce - 5
DeAndre Hopkins - 4
Amari Cooper - 3
Stefon Diggs - 3
#Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

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Most PASS TDs of 40+ yards since 2018:

Patrick Mahomes - 22
Dak Prescott - 16

#Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

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Patrick Mahomes:
102 completions on throws 20+ yards since 2018.
Leads the NFL. #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

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Congrats 🍾 @KCVodkaFan who was the 1st name drawn in the #DuckRaces 🦆weekly giveaway and chose the @TSEKansasCity Unofficial but Officially awesome stitched @PatrickMahomes 🚀🦾jersey XL! 1 more winner to go #ChiefsKingdom

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Y’all wasn’t there #ChiefsKingdom

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Day 2 of trying to get @PatrickMahomes to like my new design! #ChiefsKingdom #TeamGear #NFL #Fun #Mahomes #Chiefs

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The two most liked current athletes in American sports are Tiger Woods & Patrick Mahomes. You can debate which is first and which is second. But there is not a remotely close third in the conversation right now.

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And what kind of #ChiefsKingdom fan would I be if I didn’t put the Chiefs shrine right in front of my desk?

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👉🏾 A successful week is not accidental; it's planned out.

Stay planning right now! ☺️

#successtips #newweek #jjbirden

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@Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom check it out! @Charcandrick26 👀👀👀

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Sunday Night Chiefs First Take!
Free Agency, Draft, Strengthen Stars With @mattderrick

#Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

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Mondays with @MarkTheOverseer are back on tomorrow's #RTKpod as we play another game with free agents called "Break the Bank" where we talk about the top free agents at the #Chiefs' positions of need. Catch a preview of our discussion below.

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