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@JeremyWGR they sell this at the galleria. A sign perhaps @JJWatt ? #BillsMafia

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@SharpFootball Other obvious thing about this highlight’s a 3 minute murder show by Allen with these throws 👀👀👀 #BillsMafia

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@JoshAllenQB has so much quarterback goodness in him that he is slowly unleashing on the world. Just wait @BuffaloBills until he fully formed #BillsMafia #NFL #JoshAllen #JPA #BuffaloBills

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Just like the Presidential election, I’d like a recount for last three seasons + of the Pro Bowl ballots. I’m tired of @J_poyer21 being snubbed of being a pro bowler. This man MORE than deserves it on his resumé. #billsmafia

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Shea is now #BillsMafia and loves @thurmanthomas

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Just framed this- what do you think? #BillsMafia

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So I asked my 3 year old who this was and he said “Josh Allen for Buffalo”, who am I to correct him!? Yes, Braedon it is @JoshAllenQB #BillsMafia @BuffaloBills

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@DelReid When and where will we build the #BillsMafia museum?

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Watching the Colts vs Buffalo game. Best thing on today #BILLS4LIFE #BILLSMAFIA #ONLYNYTEAM

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@SabresFanatics @LeafsSeason @yaboytorok @BuffaloSabres @keybank nope strictly wild fan vikings can eat one i’ll never not be #Billsmafia

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Hey #BillsMafia !

Got Questions About The #Bills You Want Answered ? Drop them down below and get them featured on the #PQSection of this weeks show !

Show Drops Early Wednesday Mornings !

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Never been a difference a great memories! #BuffaloBills #BillsMafia

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I’m starting to believe that #Billsmafia is the largest fan base in the entire world, not just the NFL. #GoBills

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Mother in law makes decorative wine bottles. #GoBills #BillsMafia #CircleTheWagons #BuffaloBills #Wine

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Game 3 of the season

i’m playing with the bills

if i win me and @andrewgrutt get to do FAST AND THE FUROUS MONTH at the ringer @SeanFennessey

every article every podcast every tweet all about dom and the crew

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I got 90% of the wiring done, except my recessed lighting, and now I'm putting in the rockwool insulation. Must finish for football season! #BillsMafia, who is coming over for gameday??? #GoBills!!!

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@JJWatt I've solved the riddle there are three distinct team colors in this photo. The only team that's colors are directly together are #billsmafia

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I love bills mafia❤️❤️ #BillsMafia

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Unpopular #billsmafia opinion: I don't give a shit what team @JJWatt signs with.

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J.J. Watt is going to be a Buffalo Bill. #BillsMafia

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Fontes no Sport Center da @ESPNNFL afirmam que J.J. Watt fará sua decisão nessa semana.

Também disse que vários executivos com quem conversou acreditam que o #Packers é sua melhor escolha.

#Packers, #Titans e #BillsMafia são os finalistas.

ℹ️ @JFowlerESPN

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A friend of our family was clearing out their basement and decided to gift us some stuff they found. This is just a quick sampling. In a word, WOW. #BillsMafia

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can I hop on the bills train? with permission ofc #BillsMafia

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Yo @tomgrossicomedy, looks like both #Bills and #Packers are 2 of the favorites to win #WattWatch and have JJ Watt on their team in 2021. Has to have you excited/nervous...I know I am. #GoPackGo #GoBills #BillsMafia #JJWatt

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Watt with Ed Oliver would be lights out


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Bills vs colts on nfl network #GoBills #BillsMafia

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BREAKING. Multiple reports are now confirmed that Thanos Allen DID jump over the Empire State Building in Wakanda @JudgeMathes #BillsMafia

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@ScottyDunleavy @WGRZ @DelReid TY @ScottyDunleavy for the suggestion! Our #USSTheSullivans ☘️ would be so grateful for any help @DelReid can generate. We know #BillsMafia's legendary ability to quickly mobilize + support + love worthy causes in #WNY like our #NationalHistoricLandmark ship! 🇺🇸 #AllHandsOnDeck

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@BuffaloBills playing the Colts on NFL Network in case the @BuffaloSabres start to disappoint again #BillsMafia #LetsGoBuffalo

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@docamstrup Jaaaaaaa, for pokker......! #BillsMafia

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A lot of #BillsMafia were annoyed that they were called bandwagon fans last year after they were there for the whole drought, never wavered. The @BuffaloSabres will eventually be on top again...will you be able to say you never wavered in the bad times? #letsgobuffalo

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@Brother_Bill716 @JaceMeabon You can’t fault the kid for where he was born. I was born in Eastern Ohio with a family full of Steelers fans. You don’t choose #BillsMafia, Bills Mafia chooses you. Like that Harry Potter wand and shit.

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@BuffaloBills Another Bills fan at two months old! Sorry about the tears, but I had to explain they lost in the playoffs. #BillsMafia for life!

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Another Bills fan! Sorry about the tears, but I had to explain they lost in the playoffs. #BillsMafia for life!

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I need @BuffaloBills football back badddd. Sundays aren't the same anymore 😪 #BillsMafia

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Updated odds for what team J. J. Watt will be on for Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season (Bovada):

Packers +175
Browns +225
Bills +300
Titans +375
Steelers +500
Raiders +900

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Watt with #BillsMafia sounds scary 👀

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Safeties with the most tackles since 2018

Budda Baker - 367
Jordan Poyer - 331
Jessie Bates III - 320

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