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Are you really surprised by this? Welcome to #bidens america

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Welcome to #bidens america

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The military must understand that they will be pawns in #Bidens senile pretence he cares

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#Bidens Sec of Def L. Austin

"Austin joined the board of Raytheon Technologies military contractor, 2016.[37][38] Austins Raytheon stock holdings roughly $500,000 and his compensation, including stock, totaled $1.4 million"

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#RT Will #Bidens relationship with Britain be as... special as #USual?

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I know a president who never would have made our troops sleep in a garage

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What the ever living fuck?

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@rachelbovard @LisaMarieBoothe Jen...we never seen anything you could call a rally even during #bidens primary so #comeonman beep-beep...honk-honk


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What happens to you @DavidMuir , why do you kiss #bidens ass , and find it all right.

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The #Bidens didn’t get their Inaugural Balls 💃🏼🕺, and the many #Inauguration celebrated events like the Obama’s, but I’m sure they are just as happy as we are that they’re in the White House 🏛again. #BidenCalm @POTUS @FLOTUS @JoeBiden @JillBiden

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More than 4,300 people died of covid today under Joe Biden’s administration. There have been left wing riots every day since he’s been in power. This is the worst administration in American history.

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Is #bidens CIA moving quickly to ignite the war he helped obarma start ?


Will there be more serene gas claims?

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via @NYTimes The #Bidens were left outside the WH on moving day! Typical of the crappy lack of transition from #Trump!

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This is #Bidens America

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BIDEN’S PANDEMIC PLAN: Pres. Biden released what he called a “wartime” effort to end the coronavirus pandemic, including ramped up vaccination supplies and travel changes — as the country again records one of its deadliest days. @MaryKBruce reports.

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#URGENT | Syrian air defenses responding to attack in Hama, state media report


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@Manny71378 @ABC Nice one does that mean #Germany doesn't have to meet it's 2% #NATO obligation now by #bidens VP why isn't #presidentHarris signing these decrees

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Thousands of Guardsmen left their families and jobs to keep the Capitol safe.

And what do they get for their service? Rest breaks in cold parking garages.

What a disgrace.

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@ParkerScrivner @kayleighmcenany Plans aren't perfect. I hate to bring up the Spanish fly but over 600000 people passed due to that pandemic. It's heart breaking to lose anyone.Which I have. But we can't blame anyone for this pandemic. That would be like saying it's #Bidens fault for not wanting a travel band.

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#Bidens Military 👁🧿🇺🇸

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National Guard troops have been told they can no longer take rest breaks in the U.S. Capitol building or other congressional office buildings. In other words, Democrats evicted the National Guard.

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@melissadderosa Love how affectionate the #Bidens are it is so good to see on many levels. The #Harris’ are too. Just warms my ♥️

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“For the last week my battalion has been sleeping on the floor in the Senate cafeteria. Today the Senate kicked us out & moved us to a cold parking garage.
5000 soldiers.
1 power outlet.
One bathroom.
This is how Joe Biden’s America treats solders.”


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Gab kicks twatter's arse #blacklivesmatter #antifa #deepstate #soros #pelosis #bidens #clintons #obamas #lgtbq

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#Bidens First 24 Hours in Office:

Kills Thousands of Jobs in US & Canada
Encourages Thousands of Illegal Aliens to Cross US Border
Allows for US Taxpayer Funds to pay for Abortions
Removes Restrictions for Terrorist to Enter the US

If you're a Liberal, this is called Progress!!

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#WHO aktualisiert COVID-19-Testrichtlinien - eine Stunde nach #Bidens Amtseinführung! PCR-Test reicht nicht mehr aus um als infiziert zu gelten! Das wird massiv tiefere Zahlen geben und den Spuk bald beenden! Das Ganze Theater nur um #Trump abzulösen!

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I wonder how many Suburban Mom's husbands were effected by #Bidens 1'st day

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#Trump pardoned #Menendez Dr. friend, in return, today, the Senator supported #Bidens EO re the #Wall along with all other immigration issues!

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@STANTTH1 @_HelloPunk #Bidens Politik ist wahrscheinlich so schlecht, daß sie auch "unbekannt" bleiben soll. Deshalb soviel Heiligenverehrung. Der Reporter gestern im ZDF hatte ganz glasige Augen vor einstudierter Begeisterung über Biden, mit wurde schlecht, wie sich jemand selbst so erniedrigen kann.

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@DonaldJTrumpJr I didn’t watch much of the #Biden inauguration but did catch a moment of sheer gold that sums him up. Lady Gaga’s dreadful flat and cringeworthy reciting of the US national anthem. It summed up #JoeBiden as @POTUS perfectly. Have a listen. #Bidens

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Biden is going to destroy this nation. This man is an idiot.

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Biden fired 10.5k people who were working on the border wall, and 12k folks working on the Keystone Pipeline, including secondary jobs.

Biden put 50k folks on unemployment on his 1st day.

Build Back a Better America didn't work well for those 50,000.

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